Faculty of Arts, including Schools of Information Studies, Religious Studies, and Social Work (Graduate)

The largest faculty at the University, Arts is committed to remaining at the forefront of intellectual inquiry in our continually changing world. The humanities and social science disciplines that constitute the Faculty share a common endeavor: to better understand the human condition in order to improve it. A McGill Arts education provides you with the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of human endeavour and creative expression. It enables you to develop linguistic, critical and analytical skills that will allow you to approach a question or issue from a variety of perspectives, to respond effectively to new developments, and to adapt to changing circumstances. These skills are highly sought after in a broad range of professional, academic, cultural, service, and business careers.

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Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2024-2025 (last updated Apr. 3, 2024) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Arts—2024-2025 (last updated Apr. 3, 2024) (disclaimer)
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