Online (Distance) Programs

Online (Distance) Programs

Students registered in exclusively online (sometimes referred to as 'distance') programs are required to declare where they are geographically located while studying for every term they are registered in the online program. For students pursuing an online program, location while studying is considered — along with the fee residency status (i.e. Quebec Resident, Canadian or International) — when determining what fees are charged.

The following programs are designed to be offered exclusively online and, with some exceptions, are not offered on one of McGill's campuses:

*: This program is self-funded
**: This program may also have an on-campus equivalent. Only students in the online version of the program must use Minerva to submit a declaration of location for a registered term.
Students in the online version of any program listed above, except those that are self-funded, will pay tuition as follows:
  1. Students studying within the province of Quebec will be subject to the rates established by the government for in-province students, according to their proven fee residency status.
  2. Students who are located outside Quebec while studying will be subject to deregulated tuition rates.

Most regular university charges will apply to all students in all online programs, but certain fees may be reduced or eliminated for students located outside the province while studying. For example, the Athletics & Recreation Fee is not charged to students located outside Quebec, and International students located outside Quebec but within Canada may request to opt-in to the International Health Insurance through

Online program students must self-declare their location while studying for every term they are registered in the online program via Minerva under Student Menu > Location of Study - Online (distance) program. Students are notified by email that the Minerva form for the upcoming term is open and can be accessed. The form opens to all registered students in the above programs on:

  • Fall term: July 16
  • Winter term: November 16
  • Summer term: March 16
Once a student has declared their location for a given term, they cannot use Minerva to update the information for that term if it should change. To make a change to the declaration:
  • Students in a Continuing Studies program should call 514 398-6200 or email info.conted [at]
  • All other students should contact Service Point at

Students will be asked to support their application for a change in location with appropriate documentation which can include, for example, Quebec Medicare Card, Quebec Driver's License, rental agreement, mail addressed to them at a Quebec address, etc. If the change of location occurs by the last day of classes in the Fall/Winter terms, and August 15th for the Spring/Summer terms, then the change will affect that term. After these dates, a student must wait for the opening of the new term to make the new self-declaration for the new term. If the proof cannot be provided by the last day of classes for the term of the requested change, then Enrolment Services reserves the right to refuse the application.

Where it is determined that a student has falsely declared themselves to be in Quebec, then the University reserves the right to re-assess tuition at the deregulated rates for their program and — in addition — the student would be subject to the rules contained in the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2023-2024 (last updated Oct. 1, 2023) (disclaimer)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2023-2024 (last updated Oct. 1, 2023) (disclaimer)
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