School of Continuing Studies

The McGill School of Continuing Studies has an international reputation as a leader in continuing education. Our instructors are dynamic and engaged, our student body, smart and diverse, bringing with them a wide range of experience from all walks of life. We are situated at the heart of the city of Montreal, on the main campus of Canada’s leading university. Look to Continuing Studies for excellence in teaching, innovative programs, entrepreneurial approaches to education and enabling learner services. Learn More

Career Advancement and Professional Development

To upgrade your professional skills, Continuing Studies has a multitude of job-enhancing credit and non-credit offerings covering dozens of industries and professions. Taught by leading business practitioners, these programs, courses, workshops, and webinars accelerate your learning through pertinent case studies, real-life projects, and best practices, all at a time and in a format that’s convenient for you. Learn more

Language Learning, Translation and Written Communication

Whether you need to improve your oral, written, or translation skills, Continuing Studies has the expertise you need. Get ahead in English, French, or Spanish by signing up for part-time or full-time language studies. Learn more

To bolster your career, earn credentials for English, French, or Spanish translation. Learn more

To improve your academic writing skills, visit the McGill Writing Centre. Learn more

Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning

For those 50 years old and better, join the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning to explore fascinating topics in small groups led by volunteers. Learn more

Join us for a rewarding journey on the path of lifelong learning.

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