Residence options

On-campus living is the real student experience!

We offer a wide variety of downtown and Mac campus residences that reflect the diversity of our student population.

While facilities vary from building to building, the sense of community that characterizes residence life remains constant.

Undergrad students

First Year Undergraduate Students (downtown)

Our 9 undergraduate downtown residences include 3 hotel-style residences, 5 dorm-style residences, and 1 apartment-style residences.

Mac campus

Macdonald Campus Undergraduate students

The charming Macdonald Campus features the dormitory-style Laird Hall and the apartment-style Eco-Residence. Both are located close to campus facilities, including classrooms, the library and many more student services.


Graduate Students

The sense of community and the collegial atmosphere of living on campus is accessible to McGill grad students who have the option of choosing between single bedrooms in shared facilities and single occupancy apartments.

Upper year

Returning Upper-Year Students


Exchange Students Residence 

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