Exchange students

Why live in Student Housing at McGill?

✔ Prime Location.
Live steps away from McGill Campus.

✔ Peace of mind.
You’ll be well taken care of with McGill as your landlord.

✔ Flexibility.
   Choose from either four or eight month lease options.

✔ Value.
Heating, hot water, electricity, internet and furniture are included.

✔ Freedom.
Experience an independent lifestyle while living among other exchange students and fellow classmates.

✔ Simplicity.
No complicated application forms and monthly cheques; rent goes directly on your Student Fee account.

Shared-facilities Houses

510 Pine Ave.

510 Pine Ave W.
Montreal, QC 
H2W 1S6


510 Pins includes 13 Single Rooms (varying sizes), an entrance foyer, 2 common rooms, 2 Kitchen areas with full appliances, 3 Full bathrooms, 1 Powder Room, 1 Shower Room, and 1 Laundry Room.

3653 University

3653 University
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2B3

3653 University includes single-occupancy bedrooms arranged into suites by floor. The bedrooms are furnished with loft beds, and each of the 4 floors has a kitchen and common room as well as multiple bathrooms and shower rooms. 

3601 University

3601 University
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2B3

 3601 University includes a lovely entrance foyer , 1 kitchen area with full appliances, 1 laundry area, 1 common room, 4 shower rooms, 4 powder rooms, various hallways, and a staircase. 

522 Pine

522 Pine
Montreal, Quebec

H2W 1S6

522 Pine Ave. is a renovated three-story brownstone mansion housing 17 male and female students in single rooms. It features a sun room, an enormous common room, a billiard room and a long dining room table for communal eating. It is located just steps from the athletics complex.


Undergraduate Apartments

Regular studio apartment: $1033 per month.

*Please note that not all rooms are the same size and prices vary slightly depending on room size.

Greenbriar Apartments 3575 University Street

3575 University Street
H3A 2B1

The Greenbriar Apartments are located on University Street, two minutes away from the Milton Gates which provide a thoroughfare to the McGill campus. Single occupancy studio apartments. Double occupancy one bedroom apartments. Click here for Greenbriar pricing.