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Aid Fund Status Codes


Aid Fund Status Code Aid Fund Status Code Description Suggested Usage/Comments Aid Fund Status Type To be displayed on web? Yes or No
ACAH Assigned – On Hold If this status code is used staff should also record a disbursement hold (by ticking the box on KVAAWRD form for the award) at the same time. AC N
ACAS Assigned Used for awards which are assigned by staff. These are awards that the student is not required to personally accept on Minerva. For example, this code would be used when a generic award is being replaced by a named award (e.g. bursary) or when Scholarship staff enters Faculty Awards directly in BSA. AC Y
ACCEPTED Award Submitted The award has been submitted and is awaiting processing by the Central Office.
Note: A stipend or agency award with Status 'Accepted' requires further approval from Research and Restricted Funds Administrator (RRF Administrator). To cross-check the status of this type of award, you can go to the FAA Menu > My Assignments /Reassignment Requests and look for the status of the award in the list.
ACFS Assigned SSAO assigns this status when the undergraduate award is processed. AC Y
ACGP Approved Same as ACAP except will be generated by Graduate level Faculty/Department representatives when submitting requests via Award Processing Form. AC Y
ACGR Pending FIS Fund Administrator Approval Pending FIS Fund Administrator Approval AC N
ACGS Assigned Same as ACAS except to be used by staff assigning Graduate level awards. AC Y
ACPA Accepted – Partial Used when a student has accepted an award but informs McGill that they cannot accept the full amount of the award. The student would accept the award on Minerva and staff would then change the existing "ACPT" status code to "ACPA." AC Y
ACPT Accepted Used when an award has been accepted by the student on Minerva. AC Y
ACRA Assigned – Revised Amount Used when staff need to change the accepted amount of the award. AC Y
ACSD Assigned – Supporting Documents Required Used when the award is "Accepted" but the student must provide supporting documents. This will be used primarily by GPS. AC Y
CAAC Cancelled – Administrative Correction Used to correct administrative errors. This code is required because it is not possible to delete an award record once it has been created in BSA. Any award made in error must first be cancelled and then a new one created with any required modifications. Cannot be used for awards that have been disbursed. CA N
CADE Cancelled - Deferred To be used for students who have deferred their award.

Cannot be used for awards that have been disbursed.
CANC Cancelled Used for awards that the student neither accepted nor declined. The award was canceled before any payments were made.
Cannot be used for awards that have been disbursed.
CANE Cancelled – Not Eligible For awards that are being cancelled due to student being ineligible (e.g. part-time, withdrawn, unsatisfactory standing, wrong program etc.) Cannot be used for awards that have been disbursed. CA Y
CANR Cancelled – Did Not Register Student did not register.  Cannot be used for awards that have been disbursed. CA Y
DECL Declined Award has been declined by the student on Minerva. DC  
DISBURSED Award processed The award has been processed by the Central Office. Payments will be made using the corresponding disbursement schedule. AC  
FORECAST Not Disbursed Award has not been disbursed AC N
MEMO Disbursed Award has been disbursed and is awaiting the expected pay date AC Y
PAID Disbursed Award has been disbursed and payment has been made to the student AC Y
RVRE Rescinded/Revoked The award was revoked after at least one payment was made. Used when an award is being taken away from the student/revoked. To be used for awards that have already been disbursed (payments are to be reversed.) Awards that were either cancelled or revoked in legacy have all been converted into BSA with the aid fund status of Rescinded. RV Y




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