Award Types

All awards defined below must be processed in BSA using the Award Processing Form

Type of Award Description
Bursary Award based on demonstrated financial need (where need is a component of selection). Official, i.e. CESA-approved.

Note: The McGill term for need-based is ‘bursary’ although we sometime use the term ‘scholarship’ in the fund title due to donor preference. This will be addressed in fund cleanup (fund titles will match fund type).
Scholarship Award based on academic merit. An award for undergraduate students granted primarily on the basis of academic standing. Official, i.e. CESA-approved. Typically distinguished by entrance or in-course or entrance, renewable.
External Agency Undergraduate Studentships Studentships are awarded directly to students by granting agencies, with McGill issuing the payments.

Note: NSERC USRA - a single fund for the entire 16-week summer session program.
External Agency Graduate Fellowships Fellowships are awarded directly to students by granting agencies, with McGill issuing the payments.

Established as one fund per student.
Fellowship An award for graduate students granted on the basis of academic standing, extra-curricular and community activities. Official, CESA-approved.
Prize An award to recognize specific achievement.

Paid from a research grant for the student to work on their thesis research which is part of the research program of the professor’s grant.

Note: The Tri-Council stipulates that the stipends should not be paid through tuition and should not be called awards. Stipend minima and maxima are set by some research councils.

Travel Award Supports student travel for presenting their work at a conference or scholarly meeting, field research, collaboration, etc.

Some are managed by GPS (e.g. GREAT awards) and others are awarded by departments.
A-Faculty and B-Faculty

A-Faculties' admission process is handled centrally by the University's Admissions Office.

B-Faculties and Schools handle their own admissions process.

Official vs. Unofficial Awards

An official CESA-approved award has specific terms ad conditions which must be respected when awarding to a recipient.

Unofficial awards have no specific terms and conditions which are to be respected when awarding to a recipient.

Transcript vs. Co-Curricular Record

A set of conditions must be met for an undergraduate award to appear on a student's academic transcript.

Activity-based awards and fellowships are eligible to appear on a student's co-curricular record, and are not recognized on the academic transcript.

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