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Aid Fund Request Form This online form can be used to request a new Aid Fund Code (AFC) for award processing. It can also be used to re-activate an AFC.
BSA Budget Adjustment Form Complete and submit this form to request new or adjustments to budgets on Aid Fund Codes in your faculty/department.
Cancel/Reduce Award Payments Form Complete and submit this form to cancel or reduce student award payments.
FAA Admin/BSA Authorization Form Complete and submit this form to gain access to the Minerva Award Processing Form (APF) using the FAA Admin tab.
Reassignment - Temporary Access to Aid Fund Code (AFC) Form Need to reassign an existing award to an AFC outside your business profile jurisdiction? This online form allows for temporary access to an AFC for the purpose of reassignment.
Student Stipend Payment Authorization Form In order for student stipends to be processed using the Minerva Award Processing form (APF), professors and the student recipient must first complete and sign this form to attest to the nature of payment. This original signed form must be retained in the department for 7 years as supporting documentation in the event of agency or tax audit.



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