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Reporting Overview & Access

This section contains a suite of generic web report templates that have been designed to query data from the data warehouse. The data warehouse can only be used for querying (not updating) and is only available to those with a Banner userid and authorization to use the Banner Information System. 

To request access, complete the Data Warehouse Request form. An email confirmation will be sent once setup is complete. The reports will be accessible via the web from any computer world wide.  System access and user authentication is required.

Obtaining Administrative Information Systems Access

In order to obtain access to the various information systems, complete the appropriate forms, as listed below:

Information system Form
BSA Banner Student Aid System Authorization form
FIS Finance Authorization form
AR Banner Accounts Receivable form
SIS Student Information Authorization form
Other system access Other Authorization forms

Web Reports & Login Instructions

These reports allow you to print or export generic reports using your web browser. Keep in mind that you cannot manipulate the report in any way (what you see is what you get). If you need to modify or create your own reports then you will have to get a Crystal Reports license or use your own query tool.

Clicking on a Report Title will run the report in your web browser. No additional software is needed to run the Web Reports

Login Instructions for Web Report Templates

  • Select the report you wish to run by clicking the "Web Report" link.
  • When prompted, enter your McGill Username (first.last [at] and McGill Password 
  • Below the McGill Password field, ensure that Authentication is set to LDAP
  • Click Log On
    • A Database Logon screen for banrep will appear. When prompted, enter data warehouse (Banner) username and password.
    • Click OK.
    • Enter the parameter prompt criteria wherever required.
    • Click on OK
    • Click the Print icon to print the report.
    • To save the report in a format other than crystal, click the Export icon.

Notes: The data warehouse secured using Financial Aid & Awarding (FAA) Business Profiles. If you do not have access to the business profile you will not be able to view the results.

An IT Service Description for the new Web reports server is now available on the IT Knowledge Base: Article 3283


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