Payment Options during COVID-19

Fall 2021 Update: We are not accepting Covid-19 Consent forms for the Fall 2021 semester. Please visit the following McGill websites for more information on the return to campus: Fall 2021: for students, and FAQ for Students.

Options for processing awards for Incoming International Students for the Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters:

Option A: Full award to Accounts Receivable (Student Fee Account)

Where possible, and where the award amount is proportionate to the recipients’ tuition, we recommend that you submit an award payable towards the Fee Account (Accounts Receivable). To reduce the fee balance, an award can be set-up with a single payment at the beginning of each semester.

Option B: Partial award to Accounts Receivable (Student Fee Account)

If the award is greater than the recipient’s tuition, you may choose to submit the first payment of each semester to Accounts Receivable and subsequent payments for each semester as monthly or bi-monthly payments to Accounts Payable.

Option C: Only Accounts Payable Available

For awards where Accounts Payable (direct deposit) is the only method of payment available, please submit the award with intended/agreed schedule. Provided all required documentation is collected, Student Funding staff will be able to make modifications to the disbursement schedule /payment method.

To accommodate this exception, we have worked with Financial Services and GPS to implement special procedures. We invite you to refer to the Fall 2020 BSA payments to incoming graduate international students (sign-in required) for details.

The largest group of award recipients prohibited from receiving their awards to their fee account are students whose Stipend award payments stem from funding from a Research Granting Agency. Regulations from the Tri-Agency state that award payments cannot go directly into covering tuition & fees for the recipient, however the Research Financial Management team in Financial Services has secured a temporary exception for new international students beginning in September 2020.

“Given the unprecedented circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tri-Agency will exceptionally allow the payment of stipends paid to international students to be deposited into their student fee accounts in order to facilitate access to their funds, until such time as they have relocated to Canada and have had the opportunity to set up personal Canadian bank accounts.

However, administering institutions may not proceed with this practice unless they have received explicit written consent to do so from the student, noting that the written consent provided by each student must be kept in the form of a verifiable audit trail. Additionally, should a student decide to refuse this alternative option, the administering institution shall proceed with the standard available payment options.”


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