Processing Awards during COVID-19

Fall 2021 Update: We are not accepting Covid-19 Consent forms for the Fall 2021 semester. Please visit the following McGill websites for more information on the return to campus: Fall 2021: for students, and FAQ for Students.

New process for processing awards for Incoming International Students for the Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters:

The following procedures are in place to ensure that Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 newly admit international students, who are not physically in Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions, can still benefit from award payments before they can open a Canadian bank account.

Step 1:  Submit the award(s)

Enter the award as you normally would with the intended payment schedule.

Step 2:  Advise Award Recipient to apply for Fee Deferral

For those students where you are unable to change the payment method to Accounts Receivable, please let the student know they should look into applying for a Fee Deferral.

Step 3:  Obtain written consent from Award Recipient to modify award payments*

You are only required to get in touch with a student if you are unable to change the payment method to Accounts Receivable. As per the University’s Policy on E-Mail Communication with Students, we strongly advise to communicate with the Award Recipient via their assigned McGill email address.

*You can use the Student Consent for Modifications to Award Payments during COVID-19 form attached/found on Student Funding website.

Step 4:  Retain consent from Award Recipient

For tracking and audit purposes and as per the Tri-Agency requirement, please retain the signed consent form from the award recipient. We have provided a sample communication to the student as aid in this process.

Step 5:  Advise Student Funding

If/When you obtain consent to have an award payment schedule modified, please update the award record with the student’s decision/choice and send an email to Student Funding confirming the request.

Step 6:  Future Dated Accounts Payable Payments

Once Student Funding has modified the pre-determined payments, all remaining future dated payments of that award will be on HOLD. Payments will remain on HOLD until you have confirmed to Student Funding that the Award Recipient has updated Minerva with their Canadian bank account information. Remember Student Funding email is solely for Award Processors; please do not share our email with students.


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