Banner has four major administrative systems:

  • Financial Information System (FIS)
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Financial Aid and Awards System (FAA)

To use Banner (INB or Minerva interface), administrative users must:

  1. Attend GEN 300 - Banner Introduction - the basic Banner navigation course.

    Note: If you will only be using the Minerva interface to Banner, you may be exempted from GEN 300, but you must, in any case, fill out the appropriate System Authorization Form, as described in the table below.
  2. Human Resources, Finance, as well as SIS or FIS users of Student Accounts, will also need to attend at least one other system-related course as listed below on this page, before applying for Banner access.
  3. Get a Banner UserID: Access and fill in the required system authorization form, with the required signature of your security designate as stated on the form. Fax the completed form to the number stated on the form.

    Based on this, the system security officer will send you a Banner UserID by email, with the required security rights assigned to it and instructions for setting up your Banner Password in Minerva.
  4. Set up your own Banner Password: Log into Minerva, choose the Personal Menu > Password for Banner/Imaging Data Warehouse option and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Use your Banner UserID and Password to log into Banner for the first time, using the login instructions on this site.

System courses and authorization forms

For access to ... 1- Attend... 2 - Fill in ...
Any Banner system GEN 300 - Banner Introduction course

Prerequisite for access to any Banner system
Financial Information System FIS 301 or FIS 330
Ask your supervisor.
FIS Authorization

Budget Module Access Request Form

Data Warehouse Request for FIS
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Access for:

Query: HRIS 343

Appointment and positioning process: HRIS 343 & HRIS 345


HRIS Authorization (under System Access)

Banner POPS Authorization (under System Access)

Data Warehouse Request for HRIS
Student Information System (SIS) Take the required SIS course(s) Go to the SIS Authorization Forms web page, click on the authorization form, and log in with your McGill credentials. Note: Also provides access to the SIS Data Warehouse but not to Student Accounts.

See also SIS access removal form
Accounts Receivable system (for Student Accounts & Finance AR) Student Accounts access for:

Query: OLC - SIS 394

Update: OLC - SIS 394 and OLC - SIS 301

Finance AR: One-on-one training with Accounts Receivable Supervisor
AR Authorization
Financial Aid and Awards (FAA)
also known as BSAC (Banner Student Aid Canada)
None FAA Processing/BSA Authorization on the Student Funding site