Security designates

FIS Security Designates
The security designate for Banner FIS is the fund holder (Dean, Chair, Director, or Principal Investigator). Their signature is required on FIS authorization forms.

SIS Security Designates
SIS authorization forms must be signed by the appropriate security designate, whose contact information is shown on the SIS Security Designates page of the Enrolment Services website.

Banner is subject to intruder attack from both inside and outside McGill. It is the responsibility of all users to share in the protection of this critical infrastructure. Adhering to the following guidelines will assist in this effort.


By requesting a Banner UserID you agree to respect the Policy on Responsible Use of McGill IT Resources. This policy includes confidentiality requirements for users who access or use privileged information (whether electronic or paper) in carrying out their tasks.


Change your password at least every 40 days, on Minerva's Personal Menu > Password for Banner/Imaging/Data Warehouse and follow the onscreen instructions and rules. Change it immediately if you think it has been compromised; for example, if you think someone has observed you entering your password.

Reporting incidents

Contact the IT Service Desk at 514-398-3398 for immediate help.

If the incident involves bullying, harassment or other potential risks to the health and safety of individuals, please contact McGill Security Services at 514-398-3000 immediately.

For additional information, please see Reporting IT security incidents.

Removing access permissions/ reinstating access

When an employee leaves their position, whether for temporary leave, transfer to another unit, or termination of employment, it is important to remove their access to Banner/Minerva. For cases where employment at McGill is terminated, the appropriate removal of access will be done when the employee's record in Banner is updated. In cases where the employee needs temporary removal of access, the supervisor must request access removal and then reinstate access when the employee returns.

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