Banner UserID and Password

To log into Banner (INB) you will need a Banner User ID with the appropriate system authorization assigned to it, and a Banner Password of your own choosing. Find out how to get both these credentials on the Authorization page of this site.

Upon logging into Banner, you will have access to appropriate Banner system(s) and forms.

Before you log in for the first time

Log into INB

  1. Click Login to INB in the right-hand sidebar.
    Two browser windows open and the Logon box is displayed.
  2. Log in by entering your Banner UserID and password, and the full database name "BANNER.MCGILL.CA". Click Connect.
    Banner login

    Warning: You can minimize one or both of the browser windows, but do NOT close either one, as this will cause you to lose your Banner session.
  3. Closing your session: To end a session, you must close the Banner window first (the Developer Forms Runtime window), then close the window running in the background (the INB Session Manager window). Otherwise, the session will not shut down properly.

Off-campus access

For remote access, or if you are using a wireless connection on campus, you need to connect first to the McGill network using the McGill VPN. Then follow the steps above.


If you experience difficulties with installation, login or using Banner, see Troubleshooting tips for running Banner (INB), or contact the IT Service Desk.