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Program and Other Terminology

Co-Op Program

Several faculties at McGill offer undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in a co-op program. Co-ops are mandatory to the program of study. Students registered in a CO-OP term are deemed ineligible for award payments with the exception of students in the MUST program and registered in MIME 290, MIME 291 or MIME 392 - Industrial Work Period 1, 2, or 3.

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A Cotutelle is an agreement on joint supervision at the doctoral level between two cooperating institutions.

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Exchange Program (Full-Time Away)

Students may wish to study elsewhere for one term or for a full academic year (two terms). This can be done by participating in an exchange program or a field study semester or as a visiting student at a university with which McGill does not have a student exchange agreement. In all cases, the student must have prior approval from the faculty in order to confirm that the courses can form part of the student’s requirement for a McGill degree. Students participating in approved study away programs, other than exchanges, must ensure that they are registered as non-resident students.

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Several faculties at McGill offer undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in internships which are career-related, professionally supervised, paid work term(s) which allow students to gain practical experience related to their field of study. Internships are not mandatory; they are strictly voluntary on the part of the student. Students on internships may be eligible to awards depending on the award type and whether or not faculties grant credits for the internship.

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Research Assistantship

Research assistantships are an employment category and provides a student with payment for work performed. While research assistantship may provide a student with valuable research, scholarly or work experience, the activity is not required as part of an academic program or to advance the student’s own research/thesis, or progress towards a degree. Research assistantship such as peer tutoring, laboratory glass washer, event coordinators, are examples of work-for-pay that must be processed through HR/Payroll.

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Research Trainee

In order to be considered as a research trainee at McGill, eligibility criteria must be met before acceptance. Review the options available listed below. Any individual that does not fall within one of the research trainee categories and is considering working on a research project over the course of the summer would be deemed an employee. Therefore, payments should be processed as 'work for pay' through the Payroll system for relevant hours worked during the summer months.

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