Student responsibilities

It is a student’s responsibility to:

  1. Be informed about the University’s Regulations and Resources, Student Rights & Responsibilities and, where relevant, the rules and regulations concerning application, issuance and maintenance of government student aid programs and McGill student award programs.
  2. Become an active participant in their financial wellness. Consult with Scholarship and Student Aid Representatives and Financial Aid Professionals to learn about the funding programs, services, and tools available. Discuss financial situations in detail with a Financial Aid Counselor responsible for the administration of government and McGill student aid programs. 
  3. Present a valid McGill ID card at the time of an appointment, document exchange, or inquiry. Additionally, some government agencies mandate the Student Aid Office to require a government-issued photo ID and Social Insurance Number card in order to pick up or complete documents.
  4. Set up Direct Deposit Banking via Minerva with a Canadian banking institution in order to receive award funding amounts from McGill. (Checks are provided only in very exceptional circumstances and will result in a lengthy delay.) Access Minerva Financial Aid/Awards tab, select the Financial Aid Menu then select then Direct Deposit Bank Account menu. Complete the top section for Student related bank account information in order to receive awards and/or stipends via your personal bank account. Ensure all banking information is entered correctly - McGill Student Accounts will issue an administrative fine for transactions returned to the University due to faulty banking information.  
  5. Understand that McGill financial aid is for direct educational costs and your living expenses.
  6. Report accurate and up-to-date information on McGill Financial Aid applications (including their Financial Profile); understand that submissions are subject to verification requests at any time and that false reporting will result in the reversal of aid processed.
  7. Inform the Scholarships and Student Aid Office of any inability to attend an appointment with at least 24 hours' notice so that the timeslot may be assigned to another student. Please call us at (514) 398-6013 or email us at student.aid [at]
  8. Maintain lines of communication with the University by ensuring the accuracy of their contact information on Minerva and by ensuring that their McGill email is accessed, read and acted upon in a timely fashion, in line with McGill’s Policy on E-Mail Communications with Students (PDF).
  9. Understand their rights and responsibilities as it relates to their government aid
  10. Be informed of the repercussions of academic decisions on their government aid, McGill aid and awards (and/or other awards*), and any related financial need assessment. Academic decisions include but are not limited to: registration, course load and withdrawal from studies.

*Other awards may include supplemental aid, McGill awards or awards from external sources. Students may contact the Scholarships & Student Aid Office to acquire an advanced understanding of how these changes may impact them.

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