Canada student aid

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Newfoundland and Labrador government aid applicants: Great news, your student loans are being replaced by non-repayable bursaries!


Government funding sources

McGill Canadian students from outside of Quebec are eligible for government aid assistance through their province of residence.

 Out-of-province government aid has two funding sources*:

Students need only submit one application through their provincial portal. They are then assessed for both types of government aid at once.

*The Northwest Territories and Nunavut have stand-alone government aid programs that are not integrated with the Canada Student Loans Program.

Student responsibilities

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • complete their government aid application on time
  • check their application status on their provincial government aid account before coming to the Scholarships and Student Aid Office (SSAO) for related inquiries
  • refer back to their provincial aid account regularly for file and funding updates
  • create a CLSP account (in addition to their provincial aid account)
  • inform the ministry of any changes in income, including those related to bursaries, scholarships and awards. Important: in the case of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), the Scholarships and Student Aid Office declares to the ministry, on your behalf, all bursaries (need-based awards) you have received. Do not report these to OSAP as this will result in twice the amount being recorded on your file.)

 The SSAO’s role

  • The SSAO assists all government aid agencies in administering the student aid programs by confirming student registration status.
  • We help students with the application, appeals process and eligibility requirements.
  • When required, we inform students about their government jurisdiction policies and procedures.