Make a payment from the USA

Payments from the US can be made by the following options:

CIBC International Student Pay

A new secure online portal for International Students to make arrangement for payments to McGill University in the student’s local currency. The quote and payment instructions the student receives are good for 72 hours (excluding weekends).

Benefits of the Program include:
• Enhanced Student Experience: Easily make a tuition payment in your preferred currency.
• Access to Live Foreign Exchange Rates: With CIBC International Student Pay you’ll have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to McGill University.
• End-to-End Communication: You’ll receive detailed instructions and a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours (excluding weekends). Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to your school.
• Option to pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD): If you choose not to take advantage of preferred exchange rates and decide to pay in CAD, you will be charged a 1.25% non-refundable administrative fee. This is charged by CIBC and is in addition to the payment submitted to McGill.

There are no transaction charges from CIBC or from McGill, unless you pay in CAD. For more information on the program please review this document: PDF icon CIBC International Student Pay

To get a quote and payment instruction please visit this site :
  - Select the country you are paying from, and how much you want to transfer to McGill.
  - Review the quote, and see up front what the exchange amount will be.
  - Complete the required information, and make the payment by wire through your bank.

Payments will typically take 2-5 business days to be reflected in your student fee account.


We have partnered with Convera to give international students and their families an easy, fast and affordable way to pay for tuition and other expenses. This option enables you to pay your student fees in the currency of your choice.

Using this secure online system you can:

  • Pay by mobile phone.
  • Get payment status updates.
  • Choose from many payment methods including Unionpay,Telpay, AliPay, SOFORT, POLIpayments, iDeal, NetBanking, and Trustly

Best of all, there are no transaction charges from Convera or from McGill. You can refer to their Tips and FAQS page for more information on why to use Convera and how it works.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to access Convera or click on the Convera logo on the e-Payment Options menu in Minerva.
  2. Enter your payment details.
  3. Make a payment online or at your bank.

That’s it. We will post the funds to your student account as soon as they are received, which typically takes 2-5 business days.

Note: Although Western Union has rebranded to Convera, this is not a payment through Western Union Agent locations (except in the case of some payments from India). You will simply be paying into a Convera bank account, and then Convera transfers the funds to McGill in Canadian dollars.

Convera has also made available step-by-step instruction videos in a variety of languages:

English French Canadian French
Cantonese Mandarin Korean
Japanese Hindi Indonesian
Spanish Arabic  

Qualified Tuition Plans (529 Plan)

McGill is an eligible institution for you to use money from a 529 plan. You will need to contact your plan provider. They will either pay McGill directly, or pay you, and you can issue a payment to McGill. If they are paying McGill directly they will usually send a cheque in USD. It is very important that you ask your plan provider to include the student’s full name and ID on the cheque, as we frequently receive 529 plan cheques with no identifying information.

The cheque can be mailed to:
McGill University — Student Accounts Office
3415 McTavish Street
Montréal, Québec
H3A 0C8

Once received, the payment will be converted to Canadian dollars, and applied to the student’s fee account.


We recommend that you use one of the electronic methods of payment. If this is not possible, we do accept cheques in Canadian and US dollars. The University is not responsible for mail service delivery. Postmarks on envelopes are not viewed as the received date. If a payment is received past the fee deadline indicated on your e-bill, interest and/or a Late Payment Fee will be assessed. The cheque can be mailed, along with a copy of your e-bill, to:

McGill University — Student Accounts Office
Room MS-55
3415 McTavish Street
Montréal, Québec H3A 0C8

Cheques, money orders or bank drafts should be made payable to "McGill University" in Canadian funds. To ensure that your account is correctly credited, you must print your family name and McGill ID number on the front of the cheque or money order. If the cheque is in USD, it will be converted to Canadian dollars on the day we receive the cheque.

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