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Reconfiguring for Equity, Praxis, Accountability, Inclusion, and Reconciliation (REPAIR)

Dark green branches emerging from roots spread out to the left across a background of light blue and brown swirls. New shoots are growing on the right.

Image designed for the REPAIR group by Marcy Maracle

REPAIR Group Mandate:

The Reconfiguring for Equity, Praxis, Accountability, Inclusion, and Reconciliation (REPAIR) group of the McGill Occupational Therapy program contributes to socially accountable occupational therapy across the program spheres of the student experience, community-program partnerships, outreach and admissions, academic education, and fieldwork practice. These contributions are built on current individual and collective equity efforts at the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (SPOT), McGill University, and the Occupational Therapy (OT) profession. The group recognizes the need to reconfigure and repair through:

  1. Envisioning and partnering for a relational, reconciliatory, and community-centered occupational therapy program.
  2. Identifying, openly acknowledging, and redressing sociopolitical inequities and harms that are reproduced within the structures, policies and processes of the OT program.
  3. (re)Creating policies, processes and spaces that foster equitable access and experiences of belonging.
  4. Responding to the evolving landscape of equity and justice in health and social services across local, national and global communities.

Guiding Principles of the REPAIR Group:

  • Respectful partnerships engaged in inclusive and participatory decision making
  • Responsive governance; reflexive leadership
  • Transparent, context driven communication, processes and solutions
  • Organizations and people embracing complexity and nuance
  • Conscientious resource redistribution and effective deliverables
  • Commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability across generations


The REPAIR mandate, principles, goals, and actions were developed collaboratively by the REPAIR group members and underwent review and approval by the governing members of the following student groups: the Physical & Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Society, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy Graduate Student Association the Justice-Centered Rehabilitation group, and a representative of the SPOT Students Fostering Compassion and Accountability group.

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