Fellowships and Grants


Internal Award

Richard and Edith Strauss Musculoskeletal Doctoral Fellowships

Established in 2007 by the Richard and Edith Strauss Canada Foundation to help ensure that a diverse pool of PT and OT scientists is available to teach and conduct research addressing the needs of people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The Strauss Doctoral Fellowships support up to two years of training in the McGill Rehabilitation Science Program for doctoral students who have made a commitment to learn skills and focus their research on issues related to prevention of disease or disability, reduction/amelioration of symptom impact and optimization of quality of life.

-Full-time first or second year Ph.D. student in Rehabilitation Science
-Conducting research related to chronic musculoskeletal conditions
-Preference given to PT and OT graduates, though others may apply

Value: Up to $25,000 not renewable but awardees can reapply once. 

Application Form: Strauss Application and Evaluation Grid

Deadline: May 31st


McGill – UQAC Graduate Scholarship


The McGill – UQAC (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) Graduate Scholarship has been established to promote the development of expertise in rehabilitation research in the Saguenay-Lac St Jean region.  This will be accomplished by funding students from the Saguenay-Lac St Jean region during their graduate training to complete their PhD (Rehabilitation Science) at McGill University.  Ideally, candidates would return to the region, following doctoral or post-doctoral training, to contribute to the research expertise and capacity of the region in academic and health care settings.

The scholarship will be awarded either to a graduate of the McGill Physiotherapy program offered by extension at UQAC or to a physiotherapist from the Saguenay- Lac St Jean region who holds a Master’s degree.  Candidates are eligible if completing a PhD (Rehabilitation Science) at McGill University, under the supervision of a McGill faculty member or under the co-supervision of McGill and UQAC faculty. 

Value of the scholarship
The scholarship will be in the amount of $20,000 renewable twice based upon evaluation by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy and a progress report of a good academic standing in the program.

Completed applications should be sent to McGill's Physiotherapy Extension Program Coordinator at uqacprog.spot [at] mcgill.ca by October 1st. 


Eligibility and Conditions

• Awardees must be accepted or enrolled full-time in the PhD Rehabilitation Science program at McGill University under the supervision of a McGill faculty member or under the co-supervision of McGill and UQAC faculty.  
• Awardees must be a graduate of the McGill Physiotherapy program offered by extension at UQAC or to a physiotherapist from the Saguenay- Lac St Jean region who holds a Master’s degree.  
• Awardees must notify the Director, Graduate Program if they are offered external funding or additional internal funding.
• Awardees must accept external funds and return their McGill – UQAC Graduate Scholarship before the starting date of the external fund.  Candidates receiving additional internal university fellowships may not be entitled to retain the full Scholarship.  The McGill – UQAC Graduate Scholarship will be reduced by the amount of the internal fund.
• Awardees are expected to maintain a satisfactory academic performance through the tenure of their funding.


Documents required in application

Application form
• A copy of your CV outlining education, professional experience, awards, publications, presentations, prior research experience, etc.
• A description of your rationale and commitment to an academic career in rehabilitation research.
• A description of your proposed study plan and PhD research project; please state the name of your intended research supervisor(s) at McGill and, if applicable, at UQAC.
• A statement that you will committee at least 75% of your time to the proposed training program, research project and related career development activities. Your primary supervisor must agree and provide a statement in the application documenting that this percentage of your time will be protected.
• A description of how you will use the knowledge and skills, acquired during your PhD training, to contribute to rehabilitation research in the Saguenay-Lac St. Jean region. Include a description of your future career plans.
• Letters of support attesting to your interest and aptitude for research activities. 
• A statement from the primary supervisor providing a mentoring plan and a detailed timeline with milestones and plan for ensuring completion of degree requirements. 

The Supervisor must agree to provide an evaluation of the candidate's progress during the year as part of the required annual progress report.

Selection Committee
The selection process will be overseen by the Graduate Program Director. The award will be attributed based on the evaluations of a Selection Committee composed of the Graduate Program Director, a McGill Graduate Program faculty member, a UQAC faculty member, the coordinator of the Physical Therapy Extension Program or a McGill physical therapy faculty member. .  All committee members must be ‘at arm’s length’ with the applicant and their proposed supervisor.

Annoucement of results
Correspondence announcing competition results will be sent by the graduate program Director to the successful applicant and their supervisor(s).

Payment of thr Scholarship
The payment period will be from October to August.




Judith Kornbluth Gelfand Pediatric Fellowship

Judith(JoJo) Kornbluth Gelfand Judith Kornbluth Gelfand, Dip. PT'58, Dip. OT’59, B.Sc. PT’76. Jo-Jo, as she is known to her friends and family, has devoted her professional career to improving the lives of children. She began working as an OT/PT at Ste. Justine’s Hospital in Montreal during a polio epidemic in the late ‘50’s. From there, she developed a research project on fitness at the Cardiology Institute in Montreal. In the early 80s, Jo-Jo moved to the Summit School for children with special needs. Retirement in 2003 didn’t slow her down. Since then, she has continued as a volunteer in the aquatic program for children at Summit School. She has been a consultant at the YM/YWHA on activities for groups with special needs. She has also been a Board member at the Jewish Public Library and at the Reconstructionist Synagogue. She currently sits on the Board of “Toujours Ensemble,” a drop-in center for elementary and high school students.

Amidst this busy schedule, she and her husband of 48 years, Brahm Gelfand, have raised 3 boys and now enjoy 3 grandchildren. When time permits, Jo-Jo practices Italian, sings in local choirs, keeps in shape swimming several laps and does Pilates in between practicing bridge. To celebrate her 50th birthday, her husband knowing her commitment and dedication to PT/OT created the Judith Kornbluth Gelfand Pediatric Fellowship, awarded each year to an outstanding Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science candidate whose research focuses on improving the lives of children through improvements in rehabilitation at the McGill School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.


-Full-time Ph.D. student in Rehabilitation Science

-Conducting pediatric research on neurological and neuromuscular disorders

-Preference will be given to students who have presented their Research Proposal

Value: $3,000.

Deadline: April 15th

JoJo Gelfand Award Application


Dr. Beverlea Tallant Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Research Award 

Beverlea Kathleen Tallant, PhD., O.T. received her Diploma in Physical and Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto in 1961. This event marked the beginning of a distinguished professional career as clinician, administrator, educator and researcher in the field of mental health.  She joined the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University, and began her life in academia in 1969.  Teaching about the role of occupational therapy (OT) in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric patients was her passion.  She quickly transformed a 26 hour lecture course, into four three credit psychosocial OT courses. Dr. Tallant introduced the notion of psychosocial labs to enable students to experience assessment and treatment techniques that OTs use in mental health settings.  She also taught physical therapy students a course on psychiatric conditions and psychological responses to physical disability. Dr. Tallant conducted research and made major contributions to the OT program, the School and the University.  She particularly enjoyed chairing the Curriculum Committee and was instrumental in developing the new professional Master’s curricula in the School. She also served as an active member of  University Senate and Senate committees.                                                        

 Purpose of the Award: The award was established by Dr. Tallant in 2011, thanks to generous donations from family, friends and colleagues as well as graduates of the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at the time of her retirement.  It is awarded by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy to a graduate student in Rehabilitation Science, in   recognition of an outstanding research project related to a Occupational Therapy practice in mental health.

 Value:  minimum $750.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Graduate student in Rehabilitation Sciences (MSc or PhD).
  • An outstanding research project addressing theories, assessments, interventions or outcomes relevant to OT practice for individuals with a mental health condition.
  • Preference is given to an occupational therapy graduate student conducting mental health research.

 Application Process 

The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy awards the prize on the basis of an application submitted by the student. Each application must include:

  • A Complete Aplication Form [pdf]
  • Application Letter to address the pertinence of the project to the objectives of the award. This letter will also include a summary of the project..
  • Letter of Support from a member of the faculty, clarifying the innovation, merit and relevance of the applicant’s research project.
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (should include a list of awards received, any presentations and publications).

Deadline: April 30, annually.   

Send Applications to the attention of:

Chair, Awards Committee

School of Physical & Occupational Therapy

McGill University

3654 Promenade Sir William Osler

Montreal, PQ.

H3G 1Y5.


P & OT Graduate Student Travel Grants

The School of P & OT’s GREAT Travel Grant in combination with the Alumni Student Travel Grant provides support for Graduate Students in Rehabilitation Science to attend a scholarly meeting or conference where they will be presenting a paper or poster related to their research. These funds may also apply for visits to a laboratory for research activities related to the student's thesis. While priority will be given to full-time students, there is also possibility of funding part-time students. All students are expected to apply to other external travel funds (i.e. REPAR) during the same cycle.

Students may apply prior to receiving confirmation of acceptance, but must have been accepted to present a paper or poster at a scholarly meeting that falls within the specified time period. Award amounts for an international/national conference are limited to $600; award for provincial/local conferences is $250. Eligible expenses include travel, transfer, accommodations, food, conference fees, etc. at the recipient’s discretion. Expenditures must be justified with original receipts and boarding passes, where relevant. Complete details are available within the application document.

Application Form: 



Application Deadline: Conference/Meeting Date:
October 15 December 1 to March 31
February 28 April 1 to July 31
May 30

August 1 to November 30

The Barbara Rosenthal Prize

Barbara (Socolow) Rosenthal Barbara (Socolow) Rosenthal, Dip. PT'61, B.Sc. OT'75, MA. (Ed Tech)'83. Barbara has a long and distinguished career as a physical therapist in various capacities since graduating from McGill in 1961. After completing her diploma, she became a staff Physical Therapist (PT) at the Queen Mary Veterans Hospital in Montreal. She later switched to private practice and taught for the next 12 years as a faculty lecturer at McGill’s School of Physical and Occupational Therapy (P & OT). Completing her BSc (OccTher) in 1975, she then demonstrated her entrepreneurial zeal in 1977 when she founded the OT Department in Physical Medicine at the Jewish General Hospital. This was followed by a move to St. Luc Hospital to work with Geriatric Research. Later, Barbara became the Director of the Home Care Department at J. E. Hanger in Montreal. Barbara continues to sit on the Board of Directors at the Constance Lethbridge Rehabilitation Center, an appointment she has held since 1977. Today, she volunteers as a PT/OT at the Hope & Cope Wellness Center where she evaluates clients with cancer vis-à-vis their exercise programs.

Throughout her professional life, Barbara and her husband of 46 years, Jack Rosenthal, have raised 2 children and 4 grandchildren. In 1992, at the age of the “ big 50”, she and her family created “The Barbara Rosenthal Prize” in the School of P & OT Therapy at McGill University. The purpose of this gesture was three-fold: 1) to celebrate her 50th. Birthday; 2) to acknowledge her career that had brought her so much life satisfaction; and 3) to “give something back” to the School of P & OT Therapy at McGill University. Many of our graduate students have benefited from this award over the years.

The Barbara Rosenthal Prize is awarded by the Graduate Committee to the OT student in the MSc Rehabilitation Science Program achieving the highest level of academic standing at the end of the first year of study.

Value: $250.


Kavita Kulkarni Memorial Prize in Rehabilitation Science

Kavita Kulkarni Established in 2002 by family, friends and the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital (JRH) Foundation in memory of Kavita Kulkarni, B.Sc.(Phys.Ther.) 2001. Kavita was an outstanding student in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy whose sudden and tragic death was mourned by all who knew her.


Awarded by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy on the basis of high academic standing excellence to an outstanding graduate student enrolled in a full-time degree program in the School. Preference shall be given to students pursuing research in Rehabilitation Science at the JRH.

Value: $750.

Margherita Rapagna Memorial Prize in Rehabilitation Science

Margherita Rapagna Established in 2002 by family, friends and the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital (JRH) Foundation in memory of Margherita Rapagna. Margherita was an outstanding student in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy whose sudden and tragic death was mourned by all who knew her.


Awarded by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy on the basis of high academic standing excellence to an outstanding graduate student enrolled in a full-time degree program in the School. Preference shall be given to students pursuing research in Rehabilitation Science at the JRH.

Value: $500.

The Lara Riente Memorial Prize

Lara Riente Lara Riente was a research assistant of Dr. Eva Kehayia. She had graduated one year earlier with an MA (Linguistics) from McGill. Her interests were in language processing. She was also the coordinator of a provincial research team studying primary language impairment in children and adolescents. The Lara Riente Memorial Prize in Linguistics is awarded each year to a graduate or undergraduate student in Linguistics.



Graduate & Postgraduate Studies Awards

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Provincial agencies


  • Graduate Programs: (McGill)
  • Postdocs: (Direct)


  • Graduate Programs: (McGill)
  • Postdocs: (Direct)

PBEEE - Québec

Merit Fellowships for Foreign Graduates (McGill)


Other agencies

Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation

Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships (McGill)

ACCORD - Call for Application Master Degree and Doctoral Fellowships (clinical research)

In the context of the Programme ACCORD (Application Concertée des COnnaissances et des Ressources en Douleur) which is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), a certain number of Master Degree and Doctoral Fellowships are available, and applications are therefore requested. The Programme ACCORD is a research program in the field of knowledge transfer which is aimed at improving the condition of individuals who suffer from chronic pain in Quebec by developing novel and efficient knowledge transfer strategies regarding the prevention, diagnosis and management of chronic pain in adults and elderly patients.

Qualifying applicants will have completed a BSc or comparable degree, have clinical research interests in the fields of pain and knowledge transfer and come from health care disciplines such as psychology, nursing, medicine, rehabilitation, etc.

Funding is for one year, with a possibility of renewal. These scholarships are available through a research grant received for the next 5 years (2008-2013). A curriculum vitae and two letters of reference should be sent to:

Dr Manon Choinière,Centre de recherche du CHUM Hôtel-Dieu - Pavillon Masson, Bureau 8-211, 3850 St-Urbain Montréal, (Qc) H2W 1T8 (E-mail :manon.choiniere.chum [at] ssss.gouv.qc.ca)

Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

  • July 1 to October 31 May 15