Tuition and Stipend Funding

Since the Fall 2022 semester, graduate students in the thesis-based programs (MSc and PhD) have been receiving a stipend to pay for tuition and fees and cover some living expenses during their graduate studies.

The minimum stipend amount that is required for all new students starting in Fall 2024 will be $25,000/year. This minimum stipend is to be provided by the supervisor on an annual basis for a duration of 2 years for MSc students and a duration of 5 years for PhD students. Our program will cover the difference in tuition fees between Quebec fees and out-of-province fees for master's degree students as well as for international fees for PhD students. The latter does not apply to international master's students. Exceptions to this include health professional students who are accredited in Quebec (who have a valid license to practice) and have chosen to continue to work part-time as health professionals during their degree. For these students only, supervisors will have to provide a minimum stipend of $10,000/year. In addition, our previous tuition amounts and tuition differential commitments for students admitted before Fall 2024 will be respected.

The stipend can be organized as a funding package that includes amounts from various funding sources (individual scholarships/fellowships and/or from the supervisor's research grant).

Please take note, however, of the following top-up policy for those holding scholarship(s) or fellowship(s):

  • For awards < living allowance: Students receive minimum living allowance + tuition/ancillary fees/insurance + 10% of the value of the scholarship.
  • For awards ≥ living allowance and <$35,000: Students receive their full award + plus tuition/ancillary fees/insurance + 10% the value of the award.
  • For awards ≥$35,000 and <$50,000: Students receive their full award + tuition/ancillary fees/insurance. Additional top-up at the discretion of their supervisor
  • For awards ≥$50,000: Students receive their full award + differential tuition fees if international student (note that these are usually covered by GPS).

In order to receive a stipend, all students need to demonstrate adequate progress and meet the required program milestones.

Information on Tuition Fees can be found on the Fee Calculator page.  


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