Graduate Research Program

We offer both Master's and Ph.D. Programs in Rehabilitation Science. These post-professional graduate programs are designed for experienced, licensed clinicians with an Undergraduate Degree in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy or related fields who are seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in clinical research related to health and rehabilitation. With our interdisciplinary focus in the Graduate Programs, we are at the forefront of providing the skills and experience to training a new generation of health professionals to work in a broad range of academic, research and clinical settings.

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science

This is approximately a two-year program designed for experienced clinicians who wish to expand their skills to learning about interdisciplinary research related to health and rehabilitation. The M.Sc. includes 16 credits of course work and a 29-credit thesis component. This program also provides the foundation for a Ph.D. Program and offers the possibility of fast tracking directly to our Ph.D. Program for those who meet the criteria.

    Master of Science (Non-Thesis) in Rehabilitation Science

    This two-year program is designed to provide the skills for experienced health professionals to become consumers of research in order to promote evidence-based practice in rehabilitation science. The program is ideally suited for experienced therapists(>2 years clinical experience recommended), with an undergraduate degree in physical or occupational therapy or related fields. The degree is meant for those who wish to advance to a leadership role in their profession, implement change in their working environment, enhance their teaching skills and promote evidence-based practice in their day-to-day activities. The program offers two options; the first option is comprised of 45 credits of course work whereas the second option includes a 15-credit research project and 30 credits of course work.

      Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science

      The Ph.D. Program trains health professionals who want to pursue a research career in a broad range of academic, research and clinical settings. The Ph.D. Program includes intensive experience in clinical research related to health and rehabilitation from learning to ask the right questions through research design, analysis, interpretation and presentation of results. Also included is course work in education and for those with a clinical background, the opportunity to teach professional courses in the Undergraduate Physical and Occupational Therapy Curriculum. The program requires 3 to 5 years of full-time study and includes course work, a comprehensive exam, research proposal, thesis and an oral defense.

          Special Student

          You also have the option of enrolling in the Graduate Program as a Special Student to take one or, at most, two graduate-level courses per term (6 credits). Special Student status is reserved for those who do not wish to proceed directly to a degree program. To register as a Special Student, you must meet the requirements of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office and may complete a maximum of 12 credits. (Note: Graduate Special Students who subsequently become candidates for higher degrees may receive academic credit for relevant graduate courses taken as a Special Student.

          Please note that these research-based graduate programs do NOT offer the professional training required to obtain a license to practice physical or occupational therapy. Please see the Professional Master's Programs in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy for this information.