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A diverse group of 13 OT students standing in front of Hosmer Building

Fieldwork or Clinical education at McGill University is an integrated part of the occupational therapy professional education program. The clinical practicum courses include 4 full-time courses as well as 2 preparatory courses for a total of 29 credits, interwoven into the professional curriculum.

Clinical education courses take place in McGill Affiliated Facilities in the McGill RUISSS territory. These may include the McGill teaching network and other affiliated hospitals, CLSC, CHSLD, private clinics, rehabilitation centres, schools, and industries. In addition to the Montreal region facilities, a number of sites located across Canada and internationally are available upon request, following specific guidelines established in collaboration with the Committee of University Fieldwork Education (CUFE).

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I find my own clinical placements?

No, learning opportunities are coordinated by the McGill OT program. Students are assigned individually based on interest, clinical profile requirements, personal circumstances, and site availability. Students are not permitted to contact a site without permission from the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education.

How many hours/week am I expected to study during my clinical placement?

Clinical placements are full-time learning opportunities and students are expected to do preparation and background reading after clinic hours in order to become competent graduates.

How do I register with the OEQ or apply for the CAOT exam?

  • Students need to contact the OEQ and/or the CAOT at least 6 months before graduation in order to initiate the process.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the OEQ and/or the CAOT to finalize all the requirements.


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