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PT students transition to Clinical Practicum
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Clinical Education - Physical Therapy

Clinical Education - Physical Therapy 

The clinical practicum courses are full-time, beginning in the summer term prior to M1. In all, four clinical courses (practica) (total: 29 credits) are interwoven into the professional curriculum. Clinical education courses take place in teaching facilities associated with McGill University. These may include the McGill teaching network and other affiliated hospitals, CLSC, CHSLD, private clinics, rehabilitation centres, schools, and industries.

In addition to the Montreal region facilities, a number of sites located across Canada and internationally are available upon request. The Physical Therapy Program has developed specific guidelines pertaining to out-of-province and international practicum, which follow the National Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education in Physiotherapy (NACEP) Guidelines.

Clinical supervision is provided by a Physical Therapist to assist the transition of the novice student to an entry-level practitioner. Clinical educators are encouraged to use a variety of models of supervision such as 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 to enhance clinical reasoning through reciprocal peer coaching. In conjunction with the on-site practicum experience, web-based technology tools are available to facilitate the student’s learning. Clinical practicum experiences in different sites may vary according to the types of clients available.

    FAQs Clinical Educators

    How many years experience do I need to supervise/teach physical therapy students?

    National accreditation guidelines expect that clinical educators will have a minimum of 1 years working experience. This can be in different sites. Please also refer to the following document: Supervisor requirements [.doc]

    How can I prepare to receive McGill physical therapy students at my institution?

    - All teaching sites are asked to complete the NACEP Professional Practice Site Profile Form which is based on National Guidelines. This form is available in English: Professional practice site profile [.doc]
    - Or in French: NACEP - Profil du lieu de pratique [.doc]
    - As well we offer face to face and on-line teaching modules to develop clinical teaching skills
    - Please refer to the website or contact Liliane.asseraf.pasin [at] (Liliane Asseraf-Pasin) for more information

    How do I know what courses the new students follow?

    Please refer to the complete course guides in the Professional Masters section.

    Do students still need to complete 50 hours of volunteer work?

    No, students are no longer required to complete volunteer work prior to applying to the program.

      FAQs Students

      Can I find my own clinical placements in Montreal or surrounding area?

      NO, the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) is responsible for all your clinical placements during your program. Sites must be approved according to the NACEP Professional Practice Site Profile completed by the sites and must have a contract of affiliation with McGill University. Sites are solicited for availability by the ACCE, which then provides a list of available placements to students.

      Can I find my own clinical placements in Canada?

      NO, learning opportunities are coordinated by Canadian university physical therapy programs. Under no circumstances should students attempt to find their own clinical placements in Canada.

      Can I find my own clinical placements Internationally?

      - YES, McGill encourages the opportunity to study abroad in countries that are recognized by the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT). You can initiate a contact with an international site to request a placement. Once the site has responded, you must provide the coordinates (contact name, address and email) to your ACCE who will follow-up.
      - An International RED binder is available in Davis Room 4 containing students’ reports of their experiences abroad.

      How can I find out more information on international placement opportunities?

      All this information is provided during the clinical seminar of U3/QY.

      How many hours/week am I expected to study during my clinical placement?

      Clinical placements are full time learning opportunities and students are expected to do preparation and background reading after clinic hours in order to become competent graduates. Clinical placements are full-time and usually follow the supervisor(s)’ schedule(s). It it reasonable to expect 1 - 2 hours per day of preparatory work during placements.

      How do I register with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)?

      Students need to contact the CPA to register. Registration is free and can be completed online or by paper.

      How do I register with the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ)?

      - Students need to contact the OPPQ 3 months before graduation in order to initiate the process.
      - Your name will be provided to the OPPQ by the School, once all requirements for graduation have been successfully completed.
      - It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with the OPPQ to finalize all the requirements.


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