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Qualifying Year & the Professional Masters


Please note: Autumn 2018 is now  closed to applications.  Autumn 2019 applications will open in the Autumn.



The School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy offers two entry points to the Master of Science (applied) in Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy (MScA OT or PT):  The undergraduate Bachelor (Baccalaureate) of Science in Rehabilitation (OT or PT), and the Qualifying Year for the MScA (OT or PT).  It is not possible to apply directly to either Master program.  


The Qualifying Year entry point is intended for candidates who already have an undergraduate degree with a strong GPA.  There are also specific requirements for each program (OT or PT) outlined in the PDF guide included below. The Qualifying Year and the final year of the undergraduate are identical.  Both programs offer a guaranteed place in the professional master degree upon meeting certain standards.  On graduating from the Professional Master degree, graduates are eligible for Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy licensure in Quebec and other Canadian provinces.  Some conditions may apply.


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text: For those without a bachelor’s degree or those who also wish to consider the BSc:  Admission to U1 of BSc Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy

text: Professional Masters program in Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy  (MScA OT or PT)




2018 Admissions Guides (new):

Occupational Therapy Qualifying Year 

Physiotherapy Qualifying Year


2018 Admissions Documents & Upload Site:

Occupational Therapy Background Courses Form

Physiotherapy CV Instructions (résumé)

Physiotherapy  CV Example (résumé)

Physiotherapy Template for CVs (résumé)

Physiotherapy Prerequisite Courses Form

Physiotherapy Prerequisites Example

Physiotherapy Video of Intent Upload Website


CASPer Testing

CASPer testing is required for applicants submitting an application to the Qualifying Year (2019).  To register visit The QY accepts any recent CASPer test designed for graduate level Canadian Professional Health Science programs.  Note that there are multiple types of CASPer tests.  You are allowed to take each test only once per admission cycle.  Testing dates for 2019 admissions will be established at a later time.


After reading our CASPer FAQ, please direct any remaining questions about CASPer to the test provider.   When registering for a test, please request the results be disclosed with McGill's School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.  You may also request the results be sent to us after you have completed a test by logging into your CASPer account.  If you have requested the results be disclosed to SPOT, they will be automatically sent to us.  Please note that the QY level CASPer test is not the same as the Undergraduate of Rehabilitation level CASPer test.  Should you be applying to both programs of McGill, you will need to register for two types of tests.  Please see undergraduate admissions for information on undergraduate level CASPer testing.


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Graduate Certificates



The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy offers two graduate online certificates for qualified Healthcare Professionals. Instructed by leading experts in their respective fields, both the Chronic Pain, and the Driving Rehabilitation certificates offer professionals with specialised, indepth knowledge to properly address these key fields of rehabilitation science.


Admissions Guides:




PT Equivalency Program



The Physiotherapy Equivalency Program offers a specialised program for internationally trained physiotherapists (ITPTs) who are seeking to obtain a physiotherapy license in Quebec.  This is an individualized study program is tailored to address each individual needs according to the recommendations issued by the Board of Directors of L’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec. The Program provides the ITPT students with complementary knowledge and academic and clinical skills specific to the practice of Physical Therapy in Quebec and Canada, thus facilitating their integration into the Quebec/Canadian healthcare workplace.



Admissions Guide & Other Resources:

See program website for information on how to apply

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