Past ACA Colloquia

2nd Annual McGill ACA Coloquium

Breaking out of the Box!
The challenges of archival practice in the digital world

Plenary speaker David Bearman
President / Partner, Archives and Museum Informatics LLC

Friday, March 27, 2009 from 10:00am-4:30pm
School of Information Studies, McGill University
3459 McTavish, Room MS-24. Montreal.

Planning is well under way for the upcoming colloquium, and we are pleased to welcome all interested individuals to participate free of charge. Attendees will hear presentations on the theme of "Challenges facing archival practice in a digital world," with numerous student paper presentations. The plenary speaker, influential Canadian archivist David Bearman, is known internationally for his work on digital archives and web applications for museum environments. The colloquium will appeal to students and faculty in information studies and the complementary disciplines of history, management, and computer science. There is increasing recognition that to meet the challenges raised by the pervasive impact of digital environments, interdisciplinary cooperation and leadership will be required. In this spirit, this event offers a venue for students to meet across faculties, and a networking opportunity to engage with academics and practicing archivists, records & information managers.

Paper submissions relevant to the colloquium topic are currently being accepted through February 27, 2009.

Plenary speaker David Bearman -- Issues Facing Digital Archivists
This talk will range broadly across a variety of different kinds of challenges that have faced and are still facing the digital archivist. First we'll examine what Digital Archives are and why the many solutions proposed by digital librarians have failed to satisfy their needs. Then we'll explore how (and when) we might best capture and exploit digital archival metadata (and the standards that once were and now are viable in that respect), and then imagine the ways in which we might be making archives available to the public, in particular the public that has no idea we, or the digital archives, exist. Finally, we'll examine the problem of having an impact on a field that is rapidly expanding beyond the control of the formally trained archival professional.

Opening speaker François Cartier
McCord Archivist François Cartier explores the convergence between archives, museums and libraries, and how digital mediation is blurring the boundaries between these disciplines.