Special Library Association Student Group

Logo for the Special Libraries Association McGill student group.

"All libraries are special, but some
are more special than others".

~ Dr. J. Leide

Welcome to the McGill University Special Libraries Association Student Group web site!

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Whether you're joining us for the first time or you consider yourself one of the "regulars", you're sure to discover that your experience with SLA in the coming year will be both valuable and memorable.

Getting jobs, getting access to webinars, and staying on top of things in your field are priorities for current and future information professionals, yet the classroom rarely provides the opportunities to do these things. Networking and exposure do.

This year, the SLA is looking at:

  • staging networking events
  • ensuring information professionals from Special Libraries are included in the SIS lunch-hour speaker series
  • arranging tours of Special Libraries that represent students' interests
  • becoming more visible within the McGill University community through fundraising events

Questions about anything on the SLA McGill Student Group? Please contact our president therese.mainville-celso [at] mail.mcgill.ca (subject: SLA%20Question) (Thérèse Mainville-Celso.)