Association of Moving Image Archivists

  • AMIA – Association of Moving Image Archivists Student Chapter at McGill


    AMIA is dedicated to supplementing the MISt program with additional information about the archival and preservation of audio, visual, and moving image (film) materials. We provide free educational webinars and screening nights, which we host in McGill’s Moving Image Research Lab (a private movie theatre on campus that AMIA exec get access to). We also have a volunteer film archival program.

    As an AMIA member, you will get the opportunity to learn how to use a film projector and take part in archiving film. You can participate in webinars on digitizing audio/visual media and how to preserve it, and hopefully join us on some educational visits too. Finally, we will also be hosting a symposium in Winter term, which all SIS students are invited to participate (or contribute to).


    For more information, please check out or or email amiamcgill [at]

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