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The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is a nonprofit international association dedicated to the preservation and use of moving image and sound media. AMIA supports public and professional education and fosters cooperation and communication among the individuals and organizations concerned with the acquisition, preservation, description, exhibition, and use of moving image materials.

The AMIA student chapter at McGill University, based in the Masters of Information Studies (MISt) Program at the School of Information Studies, joins an emerging dialogue with scholars, students, and other enthusiasts called together to help address some of the most urgent issues of conservation, preservation, and access in the field.

In lieu of a dedicated audiovisual archiving and preservation component in the MISt program, the goal of the AMIA student chapter at McGill University is to create opportunities for MISt students to participate in the study and preservation of moving images and sound by actively participating in year-round events, symposiums, screenings, webinars, and other engaging forms of programming. The city of Montreal is well-known world wide as a haven for cinema, with numerous film festivals and productions taking place through the year. The AMIA student chapter intends to partner with various organizations in the city to organize field trips, lectures, and various projects.

Please contact us for information on how to get involved or to inquire about volunteer and training opportunities! 





Elyse Fillion & Kat Barrette

Vice President

Astoria Felix & Nina Patterson


Melissa Nelson

Communications Officer

Marissa Stimpson & Paige Stewart


Former Executives


President: Ben Wrubel
Vice President: Catherine Henderson
Treasurer: Sonia Dhaliwal
Communications Officer: Sarah Gauntlett


President: Manda Haligowski
Vice President: Alyssa Bruijns
Treasurer: Caitlin Aber
Secretary: Alexandra Di Perna



Tuesday October 4, 2016 @ 17:30 - AMIA will be offering training on digital projection at MIRL. We will also be voting on our symposium date. This will be followed by a private screening of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein

Tuesday September 20,2016 @ 17:30 - AMIA will be hosting its first student meeting at MIRL. We will be discussing events for the upcoming year and electing our executive for the new school year. Meeting will be followed by a private screening of Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront.

Saturday October 22, 2016 - Home Movie Day: AMIA McGill is looking for a few SIS volunteers to help inspect and digitize various film formats as part of Home Movie Day Montreal 2016. Interested volunteers should email Cate (catherine.henderson [at] Preference will be given to people who are genuinely interested in learning hands on film techniques, who are taking or have taken GLIS633, and who have at least a basic understanding of French (since the event is hosted through cinémathèque québécoise, most people there will be francophone). 

The AMIA Student Chapter will be hosting regular private screenings or films and webinars in MIRL during the 2016-2017 year. We will also be offering some training on the handling and storage of film, audio, and image media.

We are hoping to schedule a tour of Library and Archives Canada's storage facility in Ottawa in fall semester. 

We are also already planning our 2017 Student Symposium! Stay tuned!

Upcoming Events


We are currently hosting regular movie nights at the McGill Moving Image Research Lab.

Keep an eye out for presentations of AMIA Online's Webinar series - dates will posted on our Facebook and via the SIS ListServ.



Email: amiamcgill [at]

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