ACA Statement of Goals

(Goals taken from Article I of the Association's Procedures and Guidelines for Student Chapters)

  1. Serve as a means of introducing new archivists into the profession.
    • Orientation activities during the first week of the academic term.
  2. Enhance the educational function by providing an additional focus for the students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession, and engage in professional activities.
    • Research discussion group to engage students in academic and intellectual activities.
    • Speaker series with representatives from different sections of archives and records management.
  3. Promote communication among student members and between students.
    • Form communication links between ACA Student Chapters.
    • Promote communication with non-member students and other Associations within and without the University.
    • Maintain a Chapter website.
  4. Provide a communication channel for its members with the general membership of the Association and to the Board on matters of concern to the Chapter.
    • The Chapter is responsible for keeping the Board and Faculty Advisor informed of its activities.
    • Regularly contribute articles to the ACA Bulletin in order to inform ACA members of Chapter activities.
  5. Develop the leaders of tomorrow's archival profession.
    • Promotion of ACA Conference and provision of opportunities to attend.
    • Promotion of mentorship program.
    • Encourage students to contribute to Archivaria.
    • Seminars with students presenting summer job experience and graduates sharing working experiences.
  6. Attract new members into the Association.
    • Nominations and elections for Executive Committee positions to be held at the beginning of each academic year.
    • Multiple and flexible executive positions available.
    • Field trips to various Archives and Records Management locations.
    • Fundraising events.
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