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March 2023

Virtual Career Panel

To further our chapter's focus on career development this semester, we hosted a virtual career panel with three experts in the field: Joyce Gabiola (University of Houston), Veronica Denison (Rhode Island College), and Zachary Tumlin (Duke University). We learned about their career journeys, what changes they've noticed in the job field, what skills students should focus on developing, and what major challenges they faced when first entering the job market. The event gave us some rare and valuable insight into finding employment and being employed as an archivist. 
Organizers: Amelia Keenan, Kevin Mancini, Natasha Fisher
March 2023

ACA McGill Chapter + Artexte 

Our chapter had the opportunity of touring Artexte, a library, research center and exhibition space in downtown Montreal which holds over 30,000 contemporary visual arts documents. Jessica Hébert, the librarian and collection expert, selected dozens of materials for our members to explore Artexte's collection. Following the archive tour, we also got a chance to visit the current exhibition, Desire Lines - Displaced Narratives of Place.
More about Artexte Here: https://artexte.ca/en/about-us/
Organizers: Amelia Keenan, Kevin Mancini, Natasha Fisher
March - April 2022

PeepShow and Tell: Sex in Archives Blog Series

We at the ACA McGill University Student Chapter invite you to join us for an immersive series of blog posts featuring interviews with researchers and professionals working firsthand with explicit materials. We hope to illuminate the intrinsic value of sex and sexuality within the field of archiving and why these materials deserve to be preserved.

Matthew Lawrence, Headmaster magazine:

Patrick Keilty, Sexual Representation Collection, University of Toronto:

Dr. Mary Hague-Yearl, Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University:

Steven Frost, Artist, Media Studies at the College of Media Communication + Information, University of Colorado Boulder:

Karen Herland, Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, Concordia University


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