Centre for Structural Biology Research (CRBS) Core Facilities

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The CRBS is dedicated to facilitating cutting-edge research in the area of biophysical and structural biology. It operates as a multi-platform facility including a macromolecular X-ray analysis hub, a cryo-electron microscopy prep hub, a high-throughput crystallization hub in addition to mass spectrometry, and NMR infrastructure. CRBS personnel are highly skilled and dedicated to providing expert support to researchers.



Leadership Team

Martin schmeing mcgill university 2022

Scientific Director

Martin Schmeing, PhD

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Platform Co-Manager

Kim Munro

Annick guyot mcgill university 2022

Platform Co-Manager & CRBS Coordinator

Annick Guyot, PhD


Tags: X-ray crystallography, cryoEM, CD, ITC, MALS, NMR, SAXS

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