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Contact Us

  • Alba Guarné, PhD
    Associate Dean and Director, Biomedical Sciences

    alba.guarne [at]

  • Leigh Dickson
    SBMS Administrator 

    sbms.medicine [at]

  • Susanne Kaitna, PhD
    SBMS Operations Manager

    susanne.kaitna [at]

  • Johans Fakhoury, PhD
    Associate Director of Administration

    johans.fakhoury [at]

  • Bela Geurkova
    AEC Finance Team Leader

    fin.officer1.sbms [at]

  • Vanessa Nguyen
    AEC Finance Team Leader

    fin.officer2.sbms [at]

  • Mona Sabouri
    AEC Human Resources Team Leader

    hr.officer.sbms [at]

  • Safiya Simon
    AEC Academic Affairs Team Leader

    acad.officer.sbms [at]

  • Additional information about our AEC team here

For general inquiries, please contact sbms.medicine [at]



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