Plurilingual Shift in Language Teaching

Urgent calls have been made for a shift in language pedagogy, from monolingual to plurilingual. Plurilingual education invites students to make use of their entire repertoire for language learning. Using a collaborative approach among researchers and pre- and in-service language teachers, this study examines the process of implementation of plurilingual instruction and investigates its affordances in different language programs. This page contains pedagogical resources and results of the study. More publications are coming soon.

PrincipaI Investigator: Dr. Angelica Galante

Research Assistants: John Wayne dela Cruz, Lana Zeaiter, Maria Chiras & Jade LaFontaine

Project Duration: 2019-2022

Download the Plurilingual Guide


Watch the video abstract of the Plurilingual Guide and the tutorials in our YouTube Playlist.

Watch our presentation at the 2021 CERLL Symposium with results of one of the studies we have conducted.

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