Jade LaFontaine Wins Prestigious Awards

Jade LaFontaine, MA Student in Second Language Education in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), has won several prestigious awards to support the development of her research titled Bridging the Distance: Online Teaching Tools for Indigenous Language Instruction. Jade has won the following five awards:

MITACS Indigenous Research Award (INDRA)


McGill University’s Emerging Scholars Award

McGill University’s Community Engagement Award

ISCEI Community Engagement Grant

Jade is Salish on her father’s side from Spuzzum First Nation in British Columbia, and Algonquin on her mother’s side from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation in Quebec. She grew up in British Columbia and because of the generational impacts of residential schools that her family has experienced and continues to experience, she does not speak her ancestral languages. Now Jade woks on language revitalization research through technology and multiliteracies to support the teaching of Indigenous languages. Her current research is being supervised by Dr. Angelica Galante and Dr. Mela Sarkar.

Congratulations, Jade! We wish you success in your research journey!

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