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Plurilingual Lab Grad Talks

The Plurilingual Lab Grad Talks provides opportunities for graduate students (MA thesis and PhD) who are conducting research on second language education to showcase their work and receive constructive feedback. It also gives students an opportunity to build community of like-minded people, make connections, and network. Students can choose to present work at different stages of their research: initial, ongoing or completed. The goal is to present a topic related to the research to an audience, receive feedback, and make improvements.

Some topics include:

- Grant proposals

- Theoretical framework

- Development of research instruments and/or research design

- Research proposal mock defense

- Candidacy papers mock defense

- Conference paper mock presentation

- PhD mock defense

Typically, graduate students have 20 minutes to do an informal presentation about a given topic followed by a 40-minute discussion with the audience. The talk can be guided by a Power Point presentation or an outline. Because of current in-person restrictions due to COVID-19, the Plurilingual Lab Grad Talks will be delivered via Zoom. The talks take place on Thursdays at a time that is convenient for you.

Next Presentation:

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The Plurilingual Lab Grad Talks team is:

Dr. Susan Ballinger: Coordinator

John Wayne dela Cruz: Organizer

Marianne Barker: Chair

Lana Zeaiter: Zoom Host

If you’d like to schedule a presentation, contact John Wayne dela Cruz at john.delacruz [at] to schedule a day and time. In your email, please include:

- a short title of your presentation (15 words max)

- an abstract (200 words max)

- a short bio (50 words)

- a headshot photo of you

The Plurilingual Lab Graduate Talks is hosted by McGill University’s Faculty of Education. This event is not video recorded.


Past presentations

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