My Research Story

Plurilingual Lab's My Research Story showcases research on language education conducted by graduate students from McGill's Department of Integrated Studies (DISE) in the form of video abstracts. If you would like to record your Research Story video abstract, you may want to include:

  • Your name and your program (PhD or MA) and any other profession/title you have (SSHRC scholar, teacher, etc.)
  • Your background/positionality (your personal investment in the research
  • The issue/problem you have identified in your research
  • How your research addresses the problem
  • The impact your hope your research will have on society
  • Videos should be approximately 3 minutes long.

My Research Story video abstract tips:

  • Record your video in good or natural lighting
  • Ensure you are in the centre of the video frame
  • Ensure you are not backlit (i.e., face the light)
  • Double check your audio settings to ensure the volume playback is good
  • Double check your video and image playback quality is good

Please send an email to Paul J. Meighan, Coordinator of My Research Story: paul.meighan [at] In your email, please include:

  • Your name and program (PhD or MA)
  • A short introduction to your research

We look forward to watching your research story!

Watch more stories below:


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