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Updated: Mon, 07/15/2024 - 16:07

Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

Shiyu Lin

Shiyu Lin
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I'm Shiyu Eloise Lin, born and raised in China, and this is my first year at McGill. I'm blessed with a bilingual family background (Mandarin and Cantonese), with later-learnd English and Greek during my school years, and now I'm actively learning French. My passions lie in L2 learning, translation, literature and cinematography. My insatiable curiosity propels me to experience different walks of life, and thus I took up tutoring, video editing, subtitles translation for films & dramas, barista, marketing for cross-border electronic commercial company in the past. Accumulating over 100 works of video and news translations, I'm impressed by the beauty of language as a medium of cultural transmission, while also noticing the urgent need to free learners from the rigid format of previous language courses. 
My currently program, MA in Second Language Education, underscores the significance of bringing inclusive plurilingualism into L2 development, and thus become the starting point for me to think about how I can leverage its power for a more friendly teaching pedagogy for language learners in my country, where the focus is basically placed on top-down indoctrination and grammatical accuracy instead of authentic output or communicative skills. I'm hoping to take advantage of the language diversity here in Montreal, as well as deepen my understanding of challenges faced in L2 Education field.
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