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Li Peng is originally from Guangdong, a populous and multicultural province in South China, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. Growing up in a multidialectal region and a family with cultures of Cantonese, Hakka, and Hunan heritage, she has been translanguaging since she was young. She can speak fluent standard Cantonese, Shiqi dialect (Cantonese variant), Nanxiong Hakka (a Hakka dialect), Mandarin, and a little bit of Hunan dialect.

Li pursued her studies in English (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) and Applied Linguistics at Sun Yat-sen University. During this period, she continued learning English and began to learn German and Japanese. The learning experiences of diverse dialects and languages have attracted her interest in plurilingualism, particularly in the use of languages and/or dialects’ variations. She also has extensive experience in teaching, and she pays close attention to minority ethnic groups and students of different ages. She has taught at a middle school in Tibet, at a vocational college in Guangzhou, as well as Chinese to speakers of other languages including the second-generation Chinese in Canada and abroad.

Li is currently a Master’s student majoring in Second Language Education (SLE) in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE) at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Angelica Galante. Her research investigates teachers’ perceptions of a plurilingual approach to language teaching.

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目前,彭莉就读于麦吉尔大学DISE学院的第二语言教育专业,研究生导师为Angelica Galante,她的硕士研究方向拟为语言教师对语言多元理论的态度与教学实践。

Research Assistant (PI: Angelica Galante) & Plurilingual Lab Speaker Series Chat Moderator
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