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Web pages of Core Faculty Research Laboratories  

Maurice Chacron
Thomas M. S. Chang
Monroe Cohen
Erik Cook
Ellis Cooper
Kathleen Cullen
Leon Glass
Mladen Glavinovic
Michael Guevara
Pejmun Haghighi
John Hanrahan
Russell Jones
Gergely Lukacs
Michael C. Mackey
Sheldon Magder
Julio Martinez Trujillo
Jacopo Mortola
John Orlowski
Prem Ponka
Alvin Shrier
Ursula Stochaj
John White

Web pages of Associate/Adjunct Members Research Laboratories

Curtis Baker
Charles Bourque
Nicolas Cermakian
Fernanado Cervero   (2nd site)
Pierre Drapeau
Sam Musallam
Christopher Pack

Affiliated Centres

Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology & Medicine (CNLD)

A multi-university and interdisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to the study of physiological feedback, control, and rhythms using the techniques of mathematics, physics, and engineering.
Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology & Medicine (CNLD)

Artificial Cells and Organs Centre (ACORC)

Biotechnology and medical applications based on artificial cells, blood substitutes, enzyme therapy, encapsulation of cells & genetically engineered microorganisms, microcapsules and nanocapsules for delivery of drugs and bioactive materials, biotechnological biomaterials.
Artificial Cells and Organs Centre (ACORC)

Aerospace Medical Research Unit (AMRU)

The main thrusts of this Unit's basic and applied research programs have always been directed towards investigations concerned with the adaptive properties of vestibular, oculomotor and spinal motor mechanisms, with particular emphases on the causes of - and the problems arising from - sensory disorientation.