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Artificial Cells and Organs Centre (ACORC)

Biotechnology and medical applications based on artificial cells, blood substitutes, enzyme therapy, encapsulation of cells & genetically engineered microorganisms, microcapsules and nanocapsules for delivery of drugs and bioactive materials, biotechnological biomaterials.
Artificial Cells and Organs Centre (ACORC)

Aerospace Medical Research Unit (AMRU)

The main thrusts of this Unit's basic and applied research programs have always been directed towards investigations concerned with the adaptive properties of vestibular, oculomotor and spinal motor mechanisms, with particular emphases on the causes of - and the problems arising from - sensory disorientation.

Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM)

The mission of the Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM) is to be a leading institution in the application of mathematics to address challenges in bioscience and medicine through partnership with industry, government and other stakeholders in society. CAMBAM meets its objectives by promoting and fostering research, teaching and training in applications of quantitative biology at all levels ranging from the molecular/genetic through single cell and whole organ physiology and biology to population dynamics and broader ecological questions, on time scales from the present to the evolutionary; honing the talents of students at all levels through unique training opportunities in academic and non-academic settings; and conducting applied research of the highest scientific rigor, meeting existent industry and societal demands in clinical and public health settings. 
Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM)


Cystic Fibrosis Translational Research Centre (CFTRc)

The Cystic Fibrosis Translational Research Centre (CFTRc) focuses primarily on finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, and raising awareness in the general public and research communities.
The CFTRc provides a platform for basic CF research and the development of therapies targeting the basic defect that underlies cystic fibrosis and other protein trafficking diseases.



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