Departmental Staff

Administrative Staff

Located at: 10th Floor, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building,3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, Montréal, Québec H3G 1Y6

Name Phone Room
john.white [at] (John White )
514-398-4318 1001
chairasst.physiology [at] (Rosetta Vasile)
Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Chair
514-398-4318 1001
sonia.viselli [at] (Sonia Viselli)
Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer
514-398-3689 1022

undergrad1.physiology [at] (Alex Piciacchia)
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary

Courses: 200 level, 425F, 513W, 515F, 518F, 520F, 524F, 556W, 560W and NSCI 200F, 300W and 400D1-D2.

514-398-4315 1021

undergrad2.physiology [at] (Maria Dimas)
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary

Courses: 311F, 312W, 313W, 314F, 351W, 359D1-D2, 419D1 & D2, 451F, 459D1-D2, 461D1-D2, 488F, 503W, 508F, 516W, 531W, 550F and 552W.

514-398-4316 1021
gradstudies.physiology [at] (Jennifer Rondeau)
Graduate Program Coordinator
514-398-4343 1020
undergradtech.physiology [at] (Elizabeth Matthes)
Undergraduate Lab Coordinator
514-398-4321 1011
marta.bakinowska [at] (Marta Bakinowska)
Undergraduate Lab Technician
514-398-4321 1011


School of Biomedical Sciences AEC team

The Administrative Excellence Centers (AEC) team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of administrative tasks within the School of Biomedical Sciences, that is, academic affairs, human resources, and finance. Our mission is to support department staff, trainees, and researchers in their day-to-day activities to achieve the highest level of academic and research excellence.

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