Departmental Staff

Administrative Staff
Located at: 10th Floor, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building,3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, Montréal, Québec H3G 1Y6

Name Phone Room
john.white [at] (John White )
514-398-4318 1001
Senior Administrative Coordinator
514-398-4318 1001
sonia.viselli [at] (Sonia Viselli)
Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer
514-398-3689 1022

undergrad1.physiology [at] (Jennifer Rondeau)
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary

Courses: 200 level, 425F, 513W, 515F, 518F, 520F, 524F, 556W, 560W and NSCI 200F, 300W and 400D1-D2.

514-398-4315 1021

undergrad2.physiology [at] (Maria Dimas)
Timetable & Scheduling Secretary

Courses: 311F, 312W, 313W, 314F, 351W, 359D1-D2, 419D1 & D2, 451F, 459D1-D2, 461D1-D2, 488F, 503W, 508F, 516W, 531W, 550F and 552W.

514-398-4316 1021
rosetta.vasile [at] (Rosie Vasile)
Graduate Program Coordinator
514-398-4343 1020
undergradtech.physiology [at] (Elizabeth Matthes)
Undergraduate Lab Coordinator
514-398-4321 1011
marta.bakinowska [at] (Marta Bakinowska)
Undergraduate Lab Technician
514-398-4321 1011


Administrative Excellence Centre

Name Phone Room

johans.fakhoury [at] (Johans Fakhoury) (interim)
Associate Director 

Provides support and advice to the Chair, Faculty and Department.  Responsible for overall operations.

Academic Affairs Lead:
  • Recruitment
  • Promotions, Reappointments
  • Leave, Termination, Retirement
514-222-6537 Hugessen House

hr.officer.sbms [at] (Mona Sabouri)
Human Resources Officer

514-398-8074 Bellini 432

hr.admin2.sbms [at] (Lysanne Selvaratnam)
Human Resources Administrator

  • Casual AMUSE (e.g. lab helper/office helper)
  • Postdoctoral trainees
  • Research assistants
  • Undergraduate and graduate research trainees
  • Time entry and overtime
  • Resignations and terminations
  • Leaves (non-academic)
  • Works study
  • TA hiring
514-398-6409 Bellini 435

acad.officer.sbms [at] (Safiya Simon)
Academic Affairs Officer

  • Provides leadership, training and guidance to AA staff and acts as backup in peak periods
  • Implements location-specific and area quality goals and action plans in order to achieve quality standards
  • Ensures a strong and robust communications process between all managers and staff

acad.admin3.sbms [at] (Cathy Mirarchi)
Academic Affairs Administrator

  • Ranked and unranked academic staff
  • Course lecturers
  • Guest lecturers
  • Visiting scholars and professors
  • Academic stipends and allowances
  • Research associates
  • Academic leaves (e.g. sabbatical)
514-398-5756 Bellini 435

Financial Officer

  • Fund opening and monitoring
  • Budget analysis/planning/forecasting
  • Expense report training and compliance
  • Faculty allocations and support funds
  • Workday monitoring
  • Supervision and mentorship of finance team
  • Oversight of departmental financial streams
  • Liaison between FFMs, faculties and financial services
514-398-4973 2001 McGill College

fin.admin3.sbms [at] (Sonia Millet-Robinson)
Financial Administrator

  • Fund opening and monitoring
  • FOAPAL requests
  • Oversight of all department financial operations
  • uPrint oversight and fund assignment
  • Expense report training and compliance
  • Faculty allocations and support funds
514-398-6151 Bellini 434

fin.admin4.sbms [at] (Relina Ran Bi)
Financial Administrator


fin.saa4.sbms [at] (Martin Meile)
Senior Accounts Administrator

  • Fund transfers (journal entries)
  • Advances & Expense reports
  • Internal/external billing
  • Student Stipends- BSA
  • Pcard reconciliation
  • Payment requests
514-398-6951 Bellini 434
fin.saa2.sbms [at] (Monica Naujokas)
Senior Accounts Administrator

hr.coord1.sbms [at] (Connie Nardolillo)
HR Coordinator

POPS (Casual employee payment)

514-398-7312 Bellini 435

Finance training:

As needed, we provide training to local users in regards to financial affairs and policy implementation to ensure best practices are followed. We provide training for financial transactions including expense reimbursements, Pcard, BSA and MMP

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