McGill University, Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University is ranked #31 in the world! McGill is home to the first-ever established Biomedical Engineering Department in Canada which now has students spanning 5 continents. 


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2021 Award Recipient of Canadian Graduate Scholarship-Master's

Congratulations to Merry Ghebretatios (M.Eng candidate), a recipient of the 2021 Canadian Graduate Scholar-Master's Award!

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Our Laboratory

The BTCTRL is located in the Lyman Duff Medical Building of McGill University, adjacent to the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital (Neuro).

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2021 Canadian Graduate Scholarship-Master's Award

Congratulations to Sabrina Schaly, a Master's student of the BTCTRL who received the 2021 Canadian Graduate Scholarship award for the Master's Program!

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Innovation & Translation

The BTCTRL is an innovator of several technologies including probiotics and other biotherapeutic products! 

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2021 Canadian Award Recipient - CGS-M

Congratulations to a new member of BTCTRL, Rahul Thareja, on receiving the Canadian Graduate Scholar-Master's Program Award for 2021! 

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Welcome to the Biomedical Technology and Cell Therapy Research Laboratory (BTCTRL). The BTCTRL was founded in 2001 at McGill University and is housed in the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Biomedical Engineering. The laboratory is globally known for its multidisciplinary approach in research and innovation and therapeutic translations. It is home to a team of dedicated professors and researchers with various backgrounds and research interests who all come together to form the collaborative, innovative center that is BTCTRL.

Our Research Focus

The BTCTRL is focused on developing novel cell and microbiome-based therapies, innovative medical devices including stents, engineered tissue for wound healing, and new targeted drug delivery systems. The research focus of the BTCTRL is on microbiome, probiotics, regenerative medicine, artificial cells, drug delivery, nanomedicine and medical devices. In recent years, the research team has contributed to the advancement and development of biotherapeutics and devices in these areas.


About Us

person looking into microscope in lab

The BTCTRL research efforts, director and laboratory members.

Contact Us

McGill University

Information for prospective BTCTRL members and associates.

Our Laboratory

Duff building in summer

The infrastructure of BTCTRL including equipment and facilities.


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The successful entrepreneurial endeavors of BTCTRL translated from research.

Our Publications

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An index of scholarly publications by BTCTRL professors and members.


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Our research findings published in the media and news platforms.

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