Prof. Satya Prakash is a professor of Biomedical Engineering for the course Cell & Tissue Engineering (BMDE 505), and a professor of the Department of Physiology for the course Artificial Cells (PHGY 518).

BMDE 505

3 credits
Cell and Tissue Engineering.

Biomedical Engineering: Application of the principles of engineering, physical, and biological sciences to modify and create cells and tissues for therapeutic applications will be discussed, as well as the industrial perspective and related ethical issues.

Offered by: Biomedical Engineering

  • (3-0-6)
  • 1.5 hours lecture/1.5 hours seminar per week
  • Restriction: graduate and final year undergraduate students from physical, biological, and medical science, and engineering.
  • Terms
    • Winter 2023
  • Instructors
    • Satya Prakash

PHGY 518

3 credits
Artificial Cells.

Physiology: Physiology, biotechnology, chemistry and biomedical application of artificial cells, blood substitutes, immobilized enzymes, microorganisms and cells, hemoperfusion, artificial kidneys, and drug delivery systems. PHGY 517 and PHGY 518 when taken together, will give a complete picture of this field. However, the student can select one of these.

Offered by: Physiology

  • Fall
  • Prerequisite (Undergraduate): permission of instructors.
  • Terms
    • Fall 2022
  • Instructors
    • Thomas Ming Swi Chang, Dominique Shum-Tim, Satya Prakash, Corinne Hoesli, Guojun Chen


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