Renewal Day

The Department of Pediatrics Renewal Day is an important annual event that enables the Departmental community to set aside our important resources, ourselves and our time, to address an important cross-cutting issue. The goal is to interact and problem solve and to come up with definitive actions that move us forward in our pursuit of academic excellence. While the relevance of a particular annual topic to an individual member may vary depending on one’s profile, all viewpoints and inputs are welcomed, and it is unusual for a participant not to emerge from a Renewal Day with new ideas and new energy, the essential ingredients for personal and Departmental growth.

Participants comments:

“We can constructively brainstorm and find solutions.”
“Practical and attuned to current needs.”
“Learned about innovative initiatives in the Department.”
“Timely theme and broad relevance.”
“Super helpful tips.”
“Good sharing of experiences and opinions in a non-clinical setting.”
“Good interaction of colleagues from different specialties.”




Renewal Day Planning Committee

Dr. Laurel Chauvin-Kimoff, Chair of the Renewal Day Planning Committee
Dr. Beth Foster, Ex-Officio Member, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics
chairpeds.admin [at] (Evangelia Ozek), MUHC Administrative Technician

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