Through excellence and leadership to optimize the health & wellbeing of infants, children, and youth within the context of their families.


Our mission will be accomplished through the following practices:

  1. Comprehensive and complex clinical care at the highest level
  2. Dynamic education of professionals involved in pediatric health that puts the needs of learners first
  3. Innovative and transformative research in pediatric health at the bench, at the bedside, in the clinics, and in the population at large
  4. Effective advocacy on behalf of vulnerable pediatric populations as an engaged partner with the communities we serve
  5. Commitment to an effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable organization that encourages professional growth


To achieve our mission, we seek to weave the following into all our ongoing activities:

  1. Compassionate caring that is at all times in partnership with the children and families we serve; culturally sensitive in its orientation; and shared between disciplines, professions, and allied community-based partners
  2. Dedication to knowledge translation that improves pediatric health care practice and outcomes, that is evidence-based in its choices, that is innovative, and that provides objective rationale for policy makers
  3. Professionals who are invariably respectful, honest, tolerant, open to change, passionate, transparent, collegial, communicative, inquisitive, and committed to excellence
  4. Teamwork and partnerships across disciplines and locales as the best model to provide comprehensive pediatric health care
  5. Processes that we continually seek to improve, valuing all contributions, and rewarding excellence and effort
  6. Members and leaders who are accountable to each other
  7. Commitment to an ingrained ethos of patient safety and quality improvement
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