Leadership and Administration

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Department of Pediatrics comprises the Department Chair, Associate Executive Chair and Associate Chairs in Clinical Operations, Research, and Education, Finance. It functions as an advisory committee dealing with both operational decisions/challenges and maintaining the Department's strategic orientations. The mandate of the Vice-Chair and Associate Chairs are provided below, and the responsibilities are outlined in the Department's Internal Regulations.


Dr. Bethany FosterDepartment Chair

Bethany Foster, MD, MSCE
​Pediatrician-in-Chief, Montreal Children's Hospital

Executive Associate Chair, Partnerships and Network

Laurel Chauvin-Kimoff, MDCM, FRCPC, FAAP

The Executive Associate Chair's mandate derives from the Department's commitment to enhance and facilitate its interactions with its local community referral network. The focus of the Executive Associate Chair's efforts will be the interface between the Department and community physicians both before and after presentation and evaluation at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Associate Chair, Clinical OperationsDr. Tanya Di Genova

Tanya Di Genova, MDCM, FRCPC, MBA

The Associate Chair of Clinical Operations mandate derives from the Departments core raison d'être and primary interface with the public which is the clinical care it provides to children and their families throughout the Department.

Dr. Meranda NakhlaAssociate Chair, Research

Meranda Nakhla, MD, M.Sc.

The Associate Chair of Research's mandate derives from the Department's core commitment to enhance and realize all potential research opportunities in both clinical and basic domains. The Associate Chair of Research will work closely with the Director of the Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute and the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics in enabling successful recruitment efforts.

Dr, David ZielinskiAssociate Chair, Education

David Zielinski, MD, FRCPC, FCCP

The Associate Chair of Education's mandate derives from the Department's essential academic mission to train the current and next generation of physicians, through excellence and leadership, to help children and families maintain health and well-being despite illness. The Department of Pediatrics is committed to maintaining the highest quality educational programs that are reflective of current needs and educational practices, as well as fostering innovation and scholarship in medical education and promoting shared efficiencies and insights amongst the educator community.

Dr. Adrian DanceaAssociate Chair, Finance

Adrian Dancea, MD, MBA, FRCP

The Associate Chair of Finance's mandate derives from the essential need to manage in a responsible fiduciary manner the Department's practice plan and its other sources of academic support in a way that is fair, objective and transparent. This effort is meant to reflect the communal goals of the Department as it relates to its support of academic activities and prioritization therein.

Anna Maria HendersonAssociate Director of Administration - Ex-Officio Member

Anna Maria Henderson (Interim)

The Associate Director of Administration in the Administrative Excellence Centre #9 (Departments of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatric Surgery) acts as a strategic partner to the Department Chairs, and provides leadership, organization and direction in development to her assigned Departments.

Department Leadership Council

The Department Leadership Council connects its authority and accountability to the members of the Department and is responsible for acting in accordance with the Department's mission, vision, and values; articulating the requests and expectations of the Department, and is accountable to the Department; formulating the strategies and resources needed and accepted to achieve the desired results; and providing oversight by monitoring the use of resources and the achievement of the intended results.

For more information regarding the Leadership Council please see the Department's Internal Regulations.


The Council comprises the Department Chair, Executive Committee Members and Division Directors.

Division Directors

Dr. Christine McCusker, Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology
Dr. Julius Erdstein, Adolescent Medicine
Dr. Adrian Dancea, Cardiology
Dr. Saleem Razack, Critical Care
Dr. Laurent Legault, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Dr. Laurie Plotnick, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Terry Sigman, Gastroenterology & Nutrition
Dr. Hema Patel, General Pediatrics
Dr. David Mitchell, Hematology-Oncology
Dr. Earl Rubin, Infectious Disease
Dr. Aimee Ryan, Investigative Science (ex-officio)
Dr. Indra Gupta (Interim), Nephrology
Dr. Lajos Kovacs (Interim), Neonatology (Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Richard Gosselin, Neonatology (Montreal Children's Hospital)
Dr. Maryam Oskoui, Neurology
Dr. Larry Lands, Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Claire LeBlanc, Rheumatology

Medical Service Staff Association (MSSA) Budget Sub-Committee

The MSSA Budget Sub Committee is comprised of the Associate Chair of Finance (Chair of Committee, four divisional representatives and the Chair of the Department (ex-officio and non-voting). The committees mandate is to provide sufficient input and feedback to the Membership, Divisions, Leadership Council, Executive Committee, Chair of the Department, and to balance the above mandates and view Departmental finances as a unified budget.

MSSA Investment Guidelines:

1. Funds needed for next budget year (roughly $900K) are to be held in short term (< 1 yr) GICs that are continually rolled over.
2. Funds beyond that required for the next financial year can be held in 1-2 yr term investments.
3. Capital preservation of these reserves is to be paramount. No risk to capital can be accepted.
4. Financial institutions beyond the Big 6 Canadian banks (RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC, Scotia Bank, National Bank) can be considered but CDIC coverage is a must in every instance and in no case shall the funds invested in any such institution beyond the Big 6 exceed the limits of CDIC coverage.
5. admmssa2 [at] gmail.com (Melissa Acciaioli), MSSA Administrative Assistant, is to assemble and maintain a spread sheet of current holdings updated on a monthly basis. She is also to create a spreadsheet of rates available also updated monthly. These are to be distributed to the Budget Committee members monthly. The first such date for distribution is August 1, 2017.


Dr. Holly Aogstino
Dr. Tiscar Cavalle
Dr. Bethany Foster, Department Chair (ex-officio and non-voting)
Dr. Nadine Korah
Dr. Christine Sabapathy
Dr. Adrian Dancea, Chair of Committee, Associate Chair (Finance)

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