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Failing a course

Failing a course


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Failing a course

If you fail a course, you may wish to consult with an advisor in Arts OASIS to discuss your options. Depending on the type of course (required or elective course), the grade ("D", a conditional pass, or "F", failure), your performance in your other courses, and the surrounding circumstances for the failure, there are three alternatives:

  1. Repeat the course
  2. Take a different course to earn credit for the one you failed
  3. Apply to write a supplemental examination

Regardless of whether a course is a required or an elective course, a grade of "D" will earn you the credits for the course. If you repeat a course for which you have already earned a grade of "D", you will only receive credits for the course once.

Please note: Grades of D or F continue to be used in the CGPA/GPA calculation even after you repeat the course or take a supplemental examination. Information on how the CGPA/GPA is calculated can be found here.

Required/Prerequisite Courses
If you fail a required or prerequisite course for your program, you should consult with a departmental advisor about modifying your course selection. For example, you should not take Calculus II if you have failed Calculus I.

Required or prerequisite courses must be passed with a "C" or better. You must either repeat required or prerequisite courses in which you received a grade of less than "C", OR you may choose to write a supplemental examination.

Complementary Courses
Ordinarily, you are not required to repeat complementary courses, although that is an option. You also have the option to take a different complementary course to count towards your program requirements, in consultation with a departmental advisor, or write a supplemental examination.

Elective Courses
If you fail an elective course, you may take a different elective course to earn credit towards your BA degree.