Masters of Science Applied (Non-Thesis) - Advanced Nursing

Masters of Science Applied (Non-Thesis) Advanced Nursing, formerly known as the Nurse Entry Masters.

Our Master's of Science (Applied) - Advanced Nursing is the program for you if you are a licensed Nurse holding a Bachelor of Nursing or a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) degree comparable to the respective McGill undergraduate degree

Admission Requirements

Nurse applicants to the Master's degree must have completed a Bachelor's degree in nursing (minimum 66 university credits, including 12 credits in the biological sciences) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.comparable to that offered at the McGill Ingram School of Nursing. Experience in nursing is suggested. An introductory statistics course (3 credits) is required prior to admission to the program.

International applicants who have been licensed in another country must have worked as a registered nurse in the United States or Canada for at least one year, which will provide them with the necessary knowledge of the health care system required for advanced nursing studies.

All nurse applicants are expected to hold current registration in the province or country from which they come. Nurses who are not licensed in Quebec must obtain a special authorization for graduate nurse students from the Order of Nurses of Quebec/Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec.

Nurse applicants to the Master's program may complete their studies on a part-time basis, i.e. a minimum of 6 credits per term to a maximum of four years, except for those in the Nurse Practitioner concentrations, where part-time studies are allowed only in the first year.

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification
Applicants who are admitted to the MSc(A) Advanced Nursing concentrations must provide proof of Health Care Provider (HCP) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) certification upon entry. Students are responsible for keeping this certification up-to-date throughout their studies.


Compulsory Immunization program:

Like all Health Science students at McGill, Nursing applicants who are admitted are required to complete an immunization protocol by the time they enter the program.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin obtaining the required immunizations in January, as this process can take up to six months. Students who have accepted their offer of admission on Minerva must upload the completed immunization form directly to the Student Wellness Hub, by June 15th. The immunization form can be found here; for information on this program requirement, please review the Ingram School of Nursing’s Clinical requirements web page and contact the School for any questions. Students who have not completed their immunizations by the deadline will be forced to defer their admission for one year.

Application Process

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) provides general information on how to apply.

As all our graduate programs are non-thesis, you are NOT required to provide the name of a potential supervisor EXCEPT for the PhD program. In addition, the School requires applicants to provide documents that are specific to each concentration.

Applicants to the MSc(A) Advanced Nursing will provide or upload:

  • References: in creating your applicant profile, you will be asked to provide two references. Of the two required references, Nurse Bachelor Entry applicants must provide one academic reference and one employer reference. For applicants from outside Quebec, please provide the standard academic reference and an employer reference. We will notify you if a third reference is exceptionally required. You must list a valid institutional or corporate email for your referees - public domain addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo will not be accepted by the School.
    N.B.: for those applicants who have yet to graduate and write a licensing exam, please provide the standard two (2) academic references.
  • Written Work: to better understand your interests and past experiences, provide an essay that answers all the essay questions for the concentration you are applying to. Please see the files below. Include the question at the start of each section. Please ensure that it is clearly identified with your name and McGill ID.
  • Curriculum Vitae: your CV should provide an overview of your experience and other qualifications, including academic credentials, employment history, publications, contributions and significant achievements.
  • Nurse Bachelor Assessment Form: in order to assess the biological science content in your nurse bachelor's degree, and also to list the required introductory statistics, complete the Nurse Bachelor Assessment Form and upload, along with all course descriptions, as one document in PDF format. This is not required for graduates of McGill's BSc(N) or BN(I) programs.
  • Licensure: nurse applicants must provide a copy of their current license. Students must provide proof that they are registered with a licensing board (OIIQ registration certificate for Quebec) or proof that they are in "license pending" status.
  • CASPer: For more information, please review the "Graduate" tab on our Applying to Nursing page.


Application Deadlines

  Canadian applicants: International applicants:
Fall admission: February 1 No
Winter admission: September 30 - Only Advanced Nursing candidates interested in either the Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) or the Nursing Service Administration (NSA) concentrations may be considered for winter admission. Please note that Winter Admissions must study part-time during their first semester, after which, they may choose to continue part-time or switch to full time studies.  No
Summer admission: No No
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