Doctoral Program in Nursing

Application Process

 All applications to McGill University are submitted electronically. Please visit Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) for all the necessary information on how to apply. 

Applicants to the Ph.D. in Nursing program will provide or upload:

  • References: two references are required from professors or employers who are familiar with your academic or research work and can comment on your aptitudes for research and doctoral-level studies. You must list a valid institutional or corporate email for your referees - public domain addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo will not be accepted by the school.
  • Written Work: include a sample of written scholarly work in which you are the primary author (25 pages or less). Examples: a published or unpublished manuscript prepared for submission to a peer-reviewed journal, an in-depth literature review in a focused area, a research report, or a final term paper from a theoretical course. International students whose original scholarly writing is in a language other than English or French should submit a translated copy of their writing sample.
  • Personal Statement: 3-4 single-spaced pages addressing the following:
    1. Why are you pursuing doctoral studies in nursing science?
    2. Why did you specifically select a PhD in nursing at McGill?
    3. Your qualifications and readiness for doctoral studies
    4. Your long-term career goals, and how the PhD program will contribute to meeting them?
    5. Briefly describe the area of interest in nursing that you would like to focus on for your research topic
    6. List potential thesis supervisor(s) for your research interest. Although you do not have to identify a specific supervisor prior to your admission, you may contact potential supervisors before you apply, to explore their interest in supervising your doctoral studies. Click here for a list of doctoral supervisors and their research areas.

Application Deadlines 

Fall Admission

Canadian Applicants: March 1st

International applicants: January 1st


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