Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to develop a healthy workplace where each one of us understands our contribution to the whole, where continuous learning, collaboration and creativity lead us to new developments, structures and opportunities. A workplace that is inclusive, and builds on our diversity, engagement and sense of community. One that is psychological safe, allowing for outstanding teaming, innovation and healthy risk taking. A learning organization that sets us apart - open, connected and purposeful.


MHW engages employees by providing opportunities for dialogue with the McGill leadership and a chance to help make McGill a better workplace. It encourages a sense of community among all University employees by ensuring an inclusive membership, and by promoting and facilitating staff participation in a range of interactive recognition, learning and developmental events that improve McGill for all.

Our mission is to become a workplace that embraces and encourages:

  • Continuous learning
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Innovation, creativity and taking stock from what didn’t work
  • Accountability for meaningful results in support of our community


What Matters: Our Values


Create caring and respectful work and learning environments


Ensure that MHW activities are accessible, equitable and inclusive.


Utilize a community learning & development approach to health and wellness.


Engage various partners and stakeholders in MHW initiatives.


Develop assessment mechanisms that are built into MHW initiatives, and promote accountability across McGill. Share results with stakeholders.


Safeguard the longevity and continued development of campus health and wellness by implementing mechanisms for knowledge sharing, transfer and continuity.

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