Our Commitment to You

Vetted by Excellence Canada

My Healthy Workplace is highly committed to continuous learning and improvement in the co-creation of a healthy, safe ad supportive workplace for all. To achieve its goals and maintain transparency, MHW measures its progress against credible, well-established criteria – Excellence Canada’s Gold Healthy Workplace Standards. With the involvement of MHW volunteers and other key stakeholders, it undergoes systematic internal and external verifications in the pursuit of healthy workplace excellence.

Four drivers for healthy workplace standard

1. Ensure that our workplace is healthy

considering how we lead, how we plan, the programs we provide, how we truly engage our people – both new and seasoned - and how we manage change including processes and risk

2. Measure ourselves concretely

systematically bridging gaps between where we are and where we want to be as a healthy, learning centric workplace

3. Root continuous learning into our culture, programs and practices

making My Healthy Workplace contributions sustainable and transformational



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